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Tech OnTap Newsletter May 2011

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May 2011
Introduction to FlexPod for VMware
Define the Cloud Blog
System Manager 2.0  Beta
Back to Basics: SnapMirror
How Efficient Is Your SAN?
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Editor's Note
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Mina Eng
Tech OnTap

Recent catastrophic events have thrown disaster recovery into the global spotlight. In this issue of Tech OnTap, we take you back to basics with SnapMirror®—the workhorse of NetApp® disaster recovery. You'll learn about the variety of use cases, and best practices that make SnapMirror one of the most versatile products in the NetApp portfolio.

Over the last few months, we've had a lot of interest in our articles on FlexPod™, so, this month, we feature a video introducing FlexPod by our expert, Vaughn Stewart. Also in this issue we highlight two of our favorite blogs here at Tech OnTap and direct you to some of our hottest Community topics. Let us know what you think in the  Community.

Back to Basics: SnapMirror
Back to Basics: SnapMirror
Srinath Alapati, Technical Marketing Engineer

Think you know everything there is to know about SnapMirror? 

This installment of Back to Basics digs into the inner workings of NetApp Volume SnapMirror, including how it works, popular use cases, best practices, and its use with other NetApp technologies like FlexClone, SnapManager, and deduplication. Boost your SnapMirror IQ.
Tips from the Trenches
Introduction to FlexPod for VMware
Introduction to FlexPod
  for VMware

Vaughn Stewart, Director and Evangelist for Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Watch this overview video from Vaughn explaining the use cases and benefits of FlexPod for VMware™
See Video
Additional Tech OnTap FlexPod articles:
FlexPod for VMware
Running Microsoft Apps on FlexPod for VMware
Blog of the Month
Mike Riley
Why VST Makes Sense
Mike Riley, Director of Technology and Strategy for the Americas Sales
I explain the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier (VST) approach, why I think it makes sense, and why the majority of people appreciate the NetApp
  VST strategy.
Read Mike's Blog
Related Article:
The NetApp Virtual Storage Tier
Another Point of View
Define the Cloud Blog
Define the Cloud Blog
Joe Onisick, Founder,
Define the Cloud Blog
Read what others say about the cloud in the "Define the Cloud Blog." The blog focuses on technologies that make up cloud computing and emerging data center architectures.
Read the "Define the Cloud Blog"
Community Spotlight
System Manager 2.0  Beta Now Available
System Manager enables you to manage multiple storage systems and storage elements such as disks, volumes, and aggregates. Download this Public Beta and share your feedback.
How Efficient Is Your SAN?
  Taneja Group published a tech validation report that tested and analyzed the efficiency of the FAS storage family in a SAN environment.


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