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NetApp: Tech OnTap
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Data Compression
FAS6200—up to 4x the Performance
What's New in Data ONTAP 8
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NetApp: Tech OnTap
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Note from the Editor

In this special edition of Tech OnTap®, we are pleased to highlight some of the new technologies from the recent NetApp® launch for future-ready IT. We've focused on capabilities that make your storage infrastructure more flexible and efficient.
Find out why it might be time to upgrade to Data ONTAP® 8, discover the benefits of the new FAS6200 series, and learn how NetApp implemented data compression for primary and secondary storage.
Get Future Ready with Data ONTAP 8
Skip Shapiro, Technical Marketing Engineer

Get Future Ready with Data ONTAP 8Data ONTAP 8 is ready for prime time. The new environment combines the best of Data ONTAP 7G and GX into two distinct operating modes: 7-Mode with all the familiar features and capabilities and Cluster-Mode for unparalleled scale-out performance.

Learn what it is and what's new in Data ONTAP 8.0.1 and find out why you should upgrade.

Tips from the TrenchesBlogging with Dave
NetApp FAS6200 Series:
Optimized for Shared IT Infrastructure

Chris Lueth, Technical Marketing Engineer
Mukesh Nigam, Product Manager

NetApp FAS6200 Series: Optimized for Shared IT InfrastructureShared infrastructure is the future of IT. Find out how new NetApp high-end storage delivers up to 4x the performance and 2x the expandability to make your environment future ready.

Dave Hitz
Dave Hitz
NetApp Founder and EVP
Discussion Series Part 2: Key Issues in the Quest to Be Future Ready

Dave Hitz and ESG senior analyst Mark Peters discuss what it takes for an IT organization to future-proof its IT environment.

Dave's blog
Admin ResourcesCommunity Spotlight
Data Compression for NetApp Storage
Sandra Moulton, Technical Marketing Engineer

Data Compression for NetApp StorageNew NetApp inline data compression technology can dramatically shrink file or LUN data on disk—and it's free. Find out how it works and how to use it.

Join Us and Discuss:
Shared IT Infrastructure

What are your thoughts on the new Data ONTAP 8 or the FAS6200?
Find out what your peers think.
Are You Ready for the Future of IT?
Join our upcoming three-part Webcast series to learn how to build your shared IT infrastructure.


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