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Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Editor's Note
The pace at which NetApp is delivering new products keeps accelerating. Here at Tech OnTap we’re working hard to keep up!

This month, our lead article provides a little primer on object storage (a topic we’ve been itching to get to) and takes a close look at StorageGRID Webscale, NetApp’s innovative new object storage solution.

We’ve also got the latest on FlexPod with Cisco ACI. Software-defined networking complements the capabilities of clustered Data ONTAP and Cisco UCS, giving you even greater infrastructure flexibility.
-Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor, @minayeng
StorageGRID Webscale:Nonstop Object Storage for Enterprise and Cloud StorageGRID Webscale: Nonstop Object Storage for Enterprise and Cloud
Ingo Fuchs, Senior Manager, Cloud Solutions
There’s a lot more to effective data storage than performance alone. Data location, durability, retention, and cost, as well as the ability to cope with huge numbers of files, have also become critical success factors for many organizations.

StorageGRID Webscale—NetApp’s massively scalable, software-defined object storage solution—delivers geo-distributed and geo-selective object placement, regular health checks, and a dynamic policy engine to optimize location, protection, and cost for every object in storage.
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FlexPod and ACI: A Perfect Match FlexPod and ACI: A Perfect Match
Mark Cates, Senior Product Manager
The faster your IT infrastructure adapts to meet changing application needs, the more successful your business can be. The addition of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure to FlexPod creates a converged infrastructure that is easier to deploy, easier to configure, and more responsive to dynamic application requirements.
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The Next Frontier in Enterprise
Data Management
The Next Frontier in Enterprise Data Management Take a deep dive into scale-out storage for enterprise and cloud in this new book by one of our favorite contributors Mike McNamara, and long-time Tech OnTap writer, Philip Trautman.

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Live Long and Prosper
Live Long and Prosper National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, used as a set for a Star Trek film, has a real-life need to eliminate downtime.
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Are You Ready for Some Football?
Are You Ready for Some Football? NetApp and the NFL: Ready for another season of football and data.
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FAS8040 and FAS8020 Top the DCIG
Buyer’s Guide
FAS8040 and FAS8020 Top the DCIG Buyer’s Guide FAS8040 and FAS8020 efficiency, high performance, and management capabilities netted the highest rating in this year’s guide.
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