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Tech OnTap Newsletter September 2012

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Tech OnTap NewsletterSeptember 2012
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Editor's Note
In this month's Tech OnTap we continue our Data ONTAP 8 coverage with a feature article on virtualizing business-critical apps with Cluster-Mode. Frequent contributor Vaughn Stewart offers his insights into why IT teams are now virtualizing critical applications, and he explains how the combination of server virtualization and Data ONTAP 8 Cluster-Mode can help you create a software-defined data center.

Do you have areas in your data center where I/O performance could use a boost? Our article on NetApp Virtual Storage Tiering dives into how Flash Pool makes your aggregates faster and how Flash Accel accelerates application performance.
- Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Virtualizing Business-Critical Apps with Data ONTAP 8 Cluster-Mode
Virtualizing Business-Critical Apps with Data ONTAP 8 Cluster-Mode
Vaughn Stewart, Director and Virtualization Evangelist
The virtualization of business-critical apps, including Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint®, Oracle®, SAP®, and desktop infrastructure, is the next big business challenge. These applications require a unique combination of availability, performance, and manageability.

Cluster-Mode helps you meet these challenges by making your storage infrastructure effectively immortal, while delivering near-infinite, dynamic scaling of performance and capacity and intelligent management that makes hard tasks easy.
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Vaughn's sessions at VMworld Barcelona
Vaughn’s book, Virtualization Changes Everything (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)
Optimize Your Flash Use with NetApp VST
Optimize Your Flash Use
with NetApp VST

Jay White and Chittur Narayankumar, Technical Marketing Engineers
Virtual storage tiering gives you the latency and throughput of Flash with the mass storage of HDD. VST has now been enhanced with Flash Pool and Flash Accel™ to deliver end-to-end Flash capabilities. Find out how these technologies work and when to deploy each VST option.
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Watch the launch video for more on Flash Accel
When a Midsized Business Met the Cloud:
A Love Story
IT Survivor Guide Chapter 3Discover why a strong relationship between the midsized business and cloud services is a match made in heaven.
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It’s Time to Virtualize Your Business-Critical Applications
It’s Time to Virtualize Your Business-Critical ApplicationsDon’t miss our October 10 live event.
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A software-based virtual storage appliance for VMware vSphere®.
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Visit Us at Oracle OpenWorld 2012
Dave Hitz will be on stage with AT&T and CERN to share how they are achieving unprecedented infrastructure efficiency.
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