A Framework for Unified Backup: NetApp® Snap Creator

 Written by Brenda Ioris


The trends of exponential data growth and expanding virtualization are continuing to have a strong impact on the data center. This makes the need for unified backup and the ability to efficiently manage backup and recovery processes more important than ever. 


In ESG’s 2013 Spending Intentions Survey, “improving data backup and recovery” was the second top IT priority for the year. With data protection high on the migraine trigger list, it’s no surprise that IT administrators are still looking for answers to questions like:

  • How do I make sure we have data protection for all of our applications, databases and operating systems in physical and virtualized environments?
  • Where can I quickly backup data for new or custom applications and workflows?
  • Where can I find a tool that lets me take any non-standard application and create a mechanism to backup, clone, or restore a consistent backup?

Protection for Any Environment

Fortunately, there is a good way to manage backup and recovery processes in order to keep data secure. NetApp® Snap Creator™ framework lets you standardize and simplify backup, restore, and data recovery in any environment.  It’s a unified data protection solution for standard and custom applications that allows for integration with multiple applications and operating systems in an easy to use package. 


Customized Apps for Individual Business Needs

Enterprise data centers are home to a wide variety of standard and customized applications.  System administrators often write a customized script to integrate with the application or database server and the NetApp storage system to take consistent backups of application or database data. Unfortunately, system administrators have to repeat the job of writing a customized script to quiesce each type of application, to conform to each back up or recovery job at hand, and to run pre and post commands to accomplish other tasks. Snap Creator Framework saves time and provides NetApp customers with the best most reliable solution possible in lieu of these scripts.


In addition to its ability to plug in to different operating systems, hypervisors applications and databases, Snap Creator framework was written with NetApp storage efficiencies in mind, so it is fully compatible with clustered data ONTAP. It also performs various tasks which include policy based snapshot management via API or SnapDrive, an optional LUN or volume clone, and integration with SnapMirror, SnapVault and Unified Manager.




Join the Community

Snap Creator is developed using a community model.  Anyone can get involved by signing up at www.snapcreator.com.  We actively seek input from our community members as to how we can make Snap Creator better.   Snap Creator is also licensed under Apache 2, so it is open source and the code is available for anyone with an account to see.


Along with the supported release there is also a tested community release. The community release comes out about 3 months before the supported release, to allow users to see the new features for the next version of Snap Creator. 


To learn more about Snap Creator Framework, watch our video.