A New Perspective: Indian Tabla Drumming and Gen 5 Fibre Channel

This article is contributed by our guest, Rick Balderama, Director, Partner Marketing, Brocade Communications


Like most students, I had credits to burn during my undergrad - and so I decided to take the strangest class I could find.


I took a course on Indian Tabla drumming.  Tabla is an Indian drum which has a very long history and an ancient mode for learning. What I didn’t know was that ancient mode of learning meant sitting by yourself on the floor, clapping your hands together and saying “da di di da da di di da da ti ti ta ta di di” over and over and over.


When I finally got my hands on a set of Tabla drums, the teacher showed me how to play each sound.  After weeks of playing, the beat still wasn’t really working.


Then one day the teacher sat down across from me, pointed his index finger in the air, and moved his finger in a circle like the second hand on a clock face.  “Think….like….this,” he said.  Then he walked back to his


And my whole perspective changed.


I had been thinking linearly.  I was playing this drum like a typewriter with a return after each phrase.  (For those born after 1973, click here to see what I mean; or click here if you are a fan of old-school comedy.)  Instead, if I thought circularly then suddenly this beat (and I) had a groove going. 


Brocade’s Gen 5 Fibre Channel is really driving a perspective change in the industry. NetApp recently announced the availability of the Brocade 6520 – which extends the portfolio of Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel (16 Gbps) products available through NetApp.  


There are those who have an old perspective on 16 Gbps storage networks. They have been confused that Brocade’s 16 Gbps solutions are all about speed.  Alternatively, there are those who get it, like IDC.


Gen 5 Fibre Channel is not just about speed.


When you talk to customers and understand their requirements and struggles, your perspective changes.  Virtualization, and the increased implementation of SSD and Flash storage, requires higher I/O demands than legacy SAN infrastructure.  Infrastructures are becoming more complex, which is driving requirements for simplifying and consolidating network infrastructure.  And always-on storage needs always-on networking.


NetApp’s portfolio of Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel products provides the right solution for those customer challenges.  Brocade’s Gen 5 Fibre Channel provides non-stop networking with advanced monitoring, management, and diagnostics. It provides scalable fabrics with high port density and low complexity providing simple, scale-out networks.  And, it provides high-performance fabrics with the high I/O to support required by virtualized environments.


In addition, the introduction of Brocade’s ClearLink diagnostics capabilities in Gen 5 Fibre Channel makes the deployment and support of fabrics simpler by providing advanced cabling and optics capabilities.


At the same time as the announcement of the 6520 product, Brocade also announced its Fabric Vision technology providing simplified and proactive management, predictive monitoring, customizable health and performance dashboards, and simplified administrative activities.


So, why say “Gen 5 Fibre Channel” and not just “16 Gbps Fibre Channel”?  Brocade’s Gen 5 Fibre Channel isn’t just about speed, it’s about so much more.  It changes your perspective. 


You don’t have to spend time sitting on the floor playing “da di di da da di di da da ti ti ta ta di di” over, and over and over to get a new perspective.


You can just network your NetApp storage with Brocade’s Gen 5 Fibre Channel products, check out some fusion Indian music, and get your groove going.


Great perspective on what the Gen 5 Fibre Channel  can really do beyond high speed. Now can we see a solo of you playing the tabla drums?