Adventures in Storage Configuration and Performance Management

I recently had the opportunity to talk with one of our systems engineers, Dorsey Delavigne. He works with some of NetApp’s large enterprise accounts in the South East.  We were chatting because he’s been introducing his customers to OnCommand Insight and Balance and they’ve gotten a lot of value out of using the products.   He agreed to do a video interview and give us a few examples of how his customers are using these products.  Thanks, Dorsey!



In this short clip (1:30 min), he shares a few examples from a large software development company and a cosmetics company.



In the first example, OnCommand Insight eases storage configuration management.  The software development company has a very dynamic heterogeneous storage environment (NetApp and IBM XIV arrays) and was having a hard time keeping track of what was plugged into the SAN fabric since multiple departments have access to it.  Using Insight, they now have the visibility to get a handle on the configuration and better manage and track changes.



In the second example, OnCommand Balance predicts and prevents performance issues for business critical virtualized applications.  Everyone’s talking about virtualization first and being able to virtualize every application in the data center.  Well, this cosmetic company is basically doing it.  They pretty much have 98-99% of their applications virtualized including Exchange and large production databases.  Using Balance’s server profiling they were able to identify where the performance issues were happening and prevent additional problems.



If you have a few minutes, please check it out. Have a great weekend everyone!