Agile Data Management Buyers Checklist

Shopping for data storage? Most companies are, given the continued data explosion of all types, whether its “big data”, structured, unstructured, or images of Olympic LOLcats.


Enterprises seek IT agility

A key driver for enterprise-class data storage is that it needs to enable an organization’s agility; that is having the flexibility to quickly make IT changes that enable new revenue-producing initiatives, or lower operating costs.  Tom Bittman, VP and Distinguished analyst at Gartner validates this as a top computing trend of 2012: “According to recent polls, the majority of large enterprises consider speed and agility to be the primary benefit.”


In a CRN article on how to be agile in IT, Julie Parrish, SVP of Worldwide Partner Sales at NetApp wrote, “We're entering a new era in technology, an era in which IT agility is going to be central to business success.”  The article continues that agile IT gives businesses the ability to respond and adapt quickly to the needs of customers and partners, and it calls out the requirement for seamless infrastructure delivered by a tightly aligned ecosystem of technology vendors.


Top Nine Agile IT Buying Criteria

There are nine key criteria that IT organizations need to keep in mind, especially when buying storage infrastructure, to support successful business app and online commerce deployments. This ComputerWorld story lists the RFP criteria for building an agile data infrastructure: seamless scaling, storage efficiency, virtual storage tiering, unified architecture, integrated data protection, nondisruptive operations, secure multi-tenancy, embedded data security, and service automation and analytics.


This last item, Service automation and analytics, addresses some of the latest advances in enterprise data storage management: delivering the system intelligence to drive operational efficiency through autonomic capabilities.


OnCommand brings Intelligence to Agile Data Infrastructure

The next storage system you buy should come with the native capabilities of analysis and troubleshooting; this makes for high operational efficiency and uptime. NetApp OnCommand management software delivers automation and analytics at the storage layer. 


OnCommand brings the intelligence to the Agile Data Infrastructure, with products that enable easy configuration, workflow automation and IT performance analysis of the storage environment, along with effective integration with business apps, IT consoles, and cloud management systems. These products are helping companies maintain their investment in innovation, and are raising the bar for enterprise-class data storage.


Learn more about agile IT

Another ground-breaking technology that NetApp is bringing to market is its newest ability to scale-out unified storage.  The article, “Enterprise-Ready Scale-Out with Data ONTAP 8 Cluster-Mode” is a valuable and quick read on the topic.  And while you’re there, sign-up for a free subscription to the Tech onTap newsletter, and receive monthly technical insight on best practices, case studies and storage engineering news.