Agile Storage Comes to Amazon’s Cloud

Early during my tenure as Cloud Czar, I was proud to have helped NetApp become the first infrastructure vendor to build an expansive enterprise cloud ecosystem of telco and service provider partners.  Together, we serve over 77 percent of the Fortune 500 companies’ core applications and NetApp is the storage foundation for data served to more than one billion cloud users.

Today, I want to share my enthusiasm for new customer cloud capabilities announced by NetApp and Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the inaugural re:Invent conference.  NetApp Private Storage for AWS combines the availability, performance, agility, and control of NetApp’s enterprise storage with the highly reliable, scalable, and low-cost infrastructure of the AWS cloud.


(UPDATE DEC 02, 2012: Here are links to the Solution Page and Data Sheet)


Dev meet Ops, Ops meet Dev, Execs meet your Goals

For the first time, NetApp and AWS are combining the agility of AWS compute with the advantages of data residing on NetApp’s enterprise storage.  Developers are no longer bound by glass ceilings on the compute power at their disposal.  IT managers can still deliver high SLAs and regulatory / legal compliance with data under their complete control.  Business leaders can freely balance capex and opex investments precisely according to market and financial needs rather than legacy technical limitations. This kind of IT flexibility is what separates the winners from losers as IT continues to evolve.



NetApp + AWS = Use Case Abundance


  • Secure synchronous or asynchronous data replication: Seamlessly move data between AWS regions, conquering data gravity while uniquely increasing AWS application redundancy.
  • Gain cost-effective data protection: Deploy cost-effective disaster recovery and/or avoidance by leveraging Amazon EC2 in failover scenarios. Leverage tiered disk backup and recovery using Amazon S3 (and eventually Glacier) as a more reliable alternative to a tape archive.
  • Run high performance workloads in the cloud: High IOPS workloads with discrete QoS, served directly to respective instances on EC2 from NetApp storage.
  • Power big data analytics at lower cost: Leverage NetApp Private Storage along with Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) to deliver big data analysis at a fraction of the cost of running those queries on premises.
  • Add powerful features like Data Deduplication, Instant Data Virtualization (via Thin FlexClones), NFS and CIFS support to your AWS cloud infrastructure: Easily move traditional Enterprise Apps to the cloud without compromise!

Is this the Beginning of the End for On-Premises Storage?

Quite the contrary!  It’s actually an exciting time for the future of storage.  In order to meet the insatiable appetite of users for the Internet of Things, storage is becoming far more distributed and integrated.  For NetApp and Amazon Web Services, this announcement is the beginning of what we expect will be a long and mutually rewarding relationship offering joint customers unprecedented functionality in the cloud.  This announcement provides a wealth of new storage and compute options available to existing NetApp and AWS customers.  I look forward to hearing about  the use cases we haven’t even thought of yet!  Please share them and other thoughts in the comments below.



BTW - For those of you reading at the re:Invent conference in Vegas today, please drop by the NetApp Booth for an invitation to our VIP Event at the cool Dal Toro (Italian and other) exotic car display.  I'll be keynoting and answering more questions.

This is truly a game-changing solution and we are thrilled to be one of your launch partners.  Our customers are excited to see these two industry leading companies partner together, helping to bridge their enterprise transition to the cloud.  This is only the beginning and we have seen tremendous TCO savings compared to other cloud solutions. We feel this will help drive AWS adoption into sensitive environments where they haven't been considered before, and it's a big move for NetApp adding to it's already flexible list of Data ONTAP offerings.

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