Analytics Makes You Greedy - Does Storage Matter?

By Adolf Hohl


Analytics is one of the most exciting fields in information technology and the amount of technical innovations appearing in the scope of analytics is impressive. Data analysts are the new gold miners today – they turn data into critical business information and opportunities. To do their jobs right, they need additional facts to verify assumptions and create new models. The faster and deeper they can dig, the higher is the chance to get nuggets.


That turns the question of "Are you doing analytics?" to "How fast can you get your data analysts to be productive?". As a business you need to monetize this information before the competition does. However the data your data analyst is interested in comes from various applications and sources. Some are business critical and some are nice to have. The department owns the application, but the infrastructure may be owned by a managed service company.


Can the right IT infrastructure provide answers to the greediness of the data analyst and the constraint of accessing the data instead of negotiating?


The right storage platform has answers to handling huge amounts of data. It allows data analysts to rebalance workload and create capacity for additional projects on the fly. Also, the right platform simplifies access to production critical databases without side effects to the systems. It just takes a matter of seconds – application integration and consistency included.


So the answer is “yes”. Today’s storage infrastructure, with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, provides answers to the greediness your data analyst is searching for in nuggets.