Announcing Latest Epic Story: NVIDIA

By Mark Heller, NetApp, Sr. Director, Strategic Messaging and References


Today, NetApp features NVIDIA, one of its most innovative customers, as the latest in a series of Epic Customer Stories highlighting how NetApp solutions enable transformational business success. Watch here:


“Two and a half years ago—the very day I started—one of our top engineers said, ‘Welcome to the company. You know we have a horrible storage problem,’” recalls NVIDIA CIO, Bob Worrall.


NVIDIA, the company that invented the graphical processing unit, was transforming itself to apply its technology to support new lines of business, and the existing storage infrastructure could not keep up. Daily storage issues sidelined dozens to hundreds of engineers at a time, and frustration with the storage infrastructure was at an all-time high.


“We implemented a worldwide upgrade program on NetApp and all of the storage problems completely disappeared,” according to Worrall. “There’s a direct correlation between the NetApp investment that we’ve made and the time to market and success of the company overall.”


With NetApp at the heart of its innovation factory, NVIDIA is driving advancements in: 


  • Research to advance the fight against cancer, HIV, influenza and SARS
  • Advanced Driver assistance systems in 4.5 million cars, and growing
  • Visual effects to create Oscar-winning movies


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