Announcing OnCommand Report 1.2

Multi-site, mixed mode rollup view of your environment 


Written by Brenda Ioris


It is summertime in North America and some intrepid vacationers will be heading off in search of cooler surroundings, a change of pace, and spectacular views. For those of us faced with the challenge of managing mountains of data in a mixed-mode environment, a broader view of our data storage landscape, and easy access to standard and custom reporting can also provide a bit of much needed respite. 


With all of the virtualized environments being deployed, increased visibility is especially helpful in managing the utilization of your storage resources. The ability to inventory the environment and get specific information about all of your storage, including software and firmware, can simplify routine maintenance by letting you know what systems need patches or upgrades. In order to maximize the investment that you already made, it’s important to determine any areas where you have unused storage that you can go back and reclaim. Capacity utilization and inventory reports can lead to an improvement of your storage efficiency


OnCommand® Report, NetApp’s no-cost product, lets you roll-up mixed-mode (7-mode and clustered ONTAP) data from multiple instances of OnCommand Unified Manager servers for a comprehensive view of all your NetApp storage assets. Designed for midsize and large enterprises, it comes with more than 50 predefined reports, allows for the creation of custom reports, and provides an automated report distribution process.  Increased visibility and consolidated reports on inventory, capacity, and efficiency helps maximize the use of resources, saving money and time.


The latest version of the product, OnCommand Report 1.2, includes support for both 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP environments, managed from a single view.  Now available for download, this release offers support for cluster, node, and Storage Virtual Machine (formerly v-server) information extracted from Unified Manager 5.x. A new enhanced Business Insight Advanced report editor provides administrators with more editing options.  Customer reports are available to share and download from the NetApp OnCommand Report user community Report Store area.


A complete list of features can be found in the product release notes. There is no additional cost to use OnCommand Report management software. A unique OnCommand core license key is required for each server installation and can be provided by your NetApp Sales Rep or NetApp reseller.


If you’re a NetApp customer, you can download the new Report software from the NetApp Support site. You will need your NetApp credentials to access the Download section. For customers who use clustered Data ONTAP and OnCommand Report, NetApp recommends downloading and using OnCommand Report 1.2.


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I've managed storage for 15 years but I'm pretty ignorant about products like this.  Any chance you can either point me to a good basic guide on how to create reports or create some kind of basic document for newbies like me?


Hi Bill,

On the Report community page,(NetApp OnCommand Report user community ) there are videos that you can watch about how to create reports and other simple how-to's . And, on the  NetApp Support site , the User's Guide and Installation and Administration Guide have good examples if you prefer a document.

Hope  that helps,

alissa Netapp Alumni

To tag onto what Brenda has mentioned: here are direct links to the Admin Guide and the User Guide which are on the Support Site. I'd also like to mention the videos on the community page are currently for version 1.1, but it is still relevant. How to create a report in OCR hasn't changed in the latest version 1.2. Hope this helps and answers your questions.

OnCommand Report User Guide:

OnCommand Report Administration Guide-

Some of the videos for the Report software have no sound.