BYOD.......The Desktop Has Grown Up.

Since my last blog post a number of things have happened that focused my attention on the contemporary definition of the “desktop”. You may remember that in my last post I introduced the story of my mother who has purchased her first computing device (an iPad) at the age of 75. We are now communicating in a way that is richer and more spontaneous than has been achievable since I was a teenager living at home. International telephone calls and photos sent my mail have given way to FaceTime and e-mail.

Another thing that happened recently………… I got a new iPhone and finally put my original 2007 iPhone to rest……..OK, so I was an early-adopter who got complacent. Suddenly the number of apps I could use increased dramatically. My e-mail downloads at lightening speed (remember what I was used to) and my usage of the iPhone as a productivity tool has evolved to an even more indispensable place (if that is even possible).

Next came a milestone in relation to the work I have been involved in with an Alliance Partner of NetApp’s called Desktone. My friend and fellow NetApp blogger Vaughn Stewart (aka The Virtual Storage Guy) has already described in detail the technical merits of Desktone’s Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering  a couple of months ago so I won’t go into repeating the message here. What I have been spending a lot of time thinking about (and discussing with customers) is the whole concept of what a “desktop” is in 2012.

I believe there is a very sound case to make that the desktop is no longer a hardware-based concept but is a software-based one. In my mother’s case her desktop is the iPad. In my case it is increasingly becoming my iPhone and less about my laptop. For many businesses it is now becoming a service that they buy on a monthly basis and works with whatever type of device their employees desire to use. Thanks to enabling technologies such as that supplied by Desktone IT departments can now encourage a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) culture instead of resisting it with policy and rule-based barriers.

When I first started to blog I committed to you that I would showcase cool technologies (and their creators) that I was fortunate enough to get to work with. Little did I realize just how challenging this would be to deliver on? First up, there are various non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that I have signed which can limit the content or timing of information I can share. Secondly, I lacked a vehicle to provide more detailed information to those who wanted to learn more but did not want to read a 20-page blog entry.

Kudos goes to the Alliances team at NetApp who have recently released Alliances Solution Connection to provide current and relevant information related to the cool technologies and even cooler Partners that people like me interact with on a daily basis. What I really like about this facility is that it is completely open. Even my mother can gain access to the work NetApp is doing with our Alliance Partners if she wants to, but more importantly, our customers can access information via a few clicks that used to take navigation across multiple websites to obtain.

I mention this new facility because I can now showcase the NetApp Alliance Partners who have been instrumental in helping our Service Providers offer Public Cloud solutions to their customers. To stay on topic I would encourage you to visit Solution Connection and type DaaS (capitalization is optional) in the Keyword search box. This takes you to a short introduction of Desktone. To obtain a more detailed description of their DaaS technology simply click on the More Details tab. This provides a more comprehensive summary of their technology as well as other key information and even a link to their Website. If you want to get an even deeper understanding of their technology you can click on the Desktone Whitepapers tab and you will be taken to a library of whitepapers covering specific aspects of DaaS. Any of these Whitepapers can be downloaded for free.

The goal of blog writing can vary between authors but essentially it is a form of storytelling. The true skill of blogging involves providing enough information (in a personalized way) to be interesting but not so much as to be utterly boring. The challenge any blogger faces is what to do if the topic being covered in the blog entry prompts the reader to want more. I encourage you to put this blog to the test. If you want to know more about DaaS follow the directions above and spend a few minutes to explore the combined Desktone and NetApp value proposition………………..from any device.