Big Data Can Predict the Election Results

The very kind folks over at SiliconAngle and Forbes have written articles on our most recent Big Data and the Election Infographic. Check out the articles at the links above and our Infographic below.


A number of interesting angles are included in the Infographic on how Big Data can predict election results.  However, I wanted to take it one level deeper and see if there was even more to the numbers. So, I channeled my interior data scientist and  randomly selected some numbers from the Infographic and just did some simple math. Check this out:



I picked 16 because it is in the piece twice, once for baseball and


once for Scholastic (both of which were accurate this year)


Percentage of Obama coffee cups sold vs. Romney at 7-Eleven,


I picked this one as coffee is the fuel of any election and it is also accurate this year


The percentage of gamblers who pick Obama to win


I picked this one because I happen to be in Vegas currently and again, accurate this year


The number of homes with broadband internet in the US. Given


the long lines to vote (Hello Florida!) can't we vote from home online? Seriously, why not?


A prediction based on number of Obama vs.


Romney costumes sold. I picked this one just because it is so


ridiculous (oh, and accurate)






You know what 303 equals? It equals the Princeton Election Consortiums prediction on number of electoral-college votes Obama will end up with. Bazinga! Coincidence? No way. That’s some Big Data in practice baby! ;-)