Big Data solutions enable Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination for on-the-fly decisions

If you are in the field of decision-making at government agencies, you know that accurate intelligence gathering, processing and exploitation are key to making the right decisions, quickly. When talking to IT decision makers at these agencies, here are some questions you should be able to answer:


- Are there opportunities for me to take better advantage of my data?

- How can I make smarter, more meaningful decisions to support my organization’s mission?

- What are the insights that could enable mission success?

- Do I have the ability to identify the hot spots that likely will fail before they fail?


More and more, critical data comes from rich sensor data, images and video. To effectively ingest, process and analyze this data, the systems involved must be designed to support a number of criteria, including:

- Large bandwidth ingest

- Long term archive

- Analytics

- Distribution


To find out more about these requirements and how NetApp addresses the storage needs of organizations in this field, grab the white paper “Solving Agencies’ Big Data Challenges: PED for On-the-Fly Decisions” over at HPCWire: