Businesses Succeed Through Innovation. One Secret Weapon Is OnCommand Workflow Automation.

Mike McNamara recently recounted a story about Virtustream, a company that provides private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions. For them, clustered ONTAP was essential to achieving the scalability and responsiveness that their business demanded. I’ve been talking with  of my  colleagues about how one of our customers are beginning to harness the power of clustered Data ONTAP and thought I’d share one story about why it made sense for a service provider to make the transition to a clustered Data ONTAP environment today.


This service provider was analyzing how to improve their business, and whatever options they chose, they knew that they’d need maximize their return on investment. I think we’re all aware that every technology investment these days must deliver a solid ROI. CIO Insight states that many CIOs are investing in certain technologies, such as cloud and mobile, to boost their competitive edge. So what were the driving factors that made this one service provider decide to make the move? The power of clustered ONTAP and OnCommand Workflow Automation.


This company had grown so much, and they were really feeling the pressure to meet availability and performance demands. They needed a better way to meet current demands, and also the ability to scale to meet growing demands—and future proof their investment. By moving to clustered ONTAP, this service provider would leverage the intelligent caching capabilities of Flash Cache, along with automated data tiering, to optimize system performance and efficiency in their virtualized and cloud environments—while reducing costs and saving power, cooling, and rack space. Talk about a persuasive reason to transition.


They also looked to OnCommand Workflow Automation, to help them orchestrate a simple set of processes and automate these steps. The company’s IT team no longer has to purchase solutions to remedy single-point issues. Today, they can deliver services centrally, in a seamless manner. Using Workflow Automation, along with NetApp FlexClone virtual copies, helped them to streamline their process—and gave them a predictable procedure for bringing new customer environments on line. Workflow Automation actually reduced the time to create new customer environments by 86%, adding up to huge operational savings for them.


As you can imagine, these recent IT investments have been a huge morale boost to their IT department. The service provider is also enjoying faster time to market, and of course their customers are benefiting from their performance and availability improvements too. I love hearing how customers are using technology to innovate their business. What challenges are your IT or storage team facing today? Are you wondering what changes you can make to innovate your business? If so, I’d like to hear from you.