Choice is a good thing with NetApp’s unified target adapter and Brocade networking, unless you’re buying from Henry Ford.

The following article has been provided by our partner Rick Balderama, Director, Partner Marketing Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.


NetApp’s next generation unified target adapter (UTA2) providing 10 GbE or 16 Gbps Fibre Channel combined with Brocade networks provide customers the right infrastructure for the right environments.  But, shockingly not everyone is comfortable with choice. 


Henry Ford famously said that customers could have any color of Model T they wanted, as long as it was black.  That works great for a manufacturer – but not for the user.  NetApp and Brocade provide industry-leading flexibility with NetApp’s new UTA2 and Brocade’s network choices to meet today’s data center needs.


The 10 GbE iSCSI and iSCSI DCB capabilities of NetApp’s UTA2, along with the benefits of NetApp’s clustered Data ONTAP, are enabled by Brocade Ethernet fabric switches.  We are witnessing a significant transition for 1 GbE networks to 10 GbE networks, which is being driven by an increase in server-to-server network traffic due to virtualization, and server-to-storage traffic.  Brocade’s Ethernet fabrics provide the right network architecture to support these evolving needs.


Brocade’s VCS Ethernet fabric technology provides a quicker and simpler deployment of iSCSI storage as the network is managed as a single logical switch.  It’s designed to support the increase in server-to-server traffic by compressing two network layers into one.  And it’s optimized for virtualized server infrastructures with features like VXLAN support, integrated with VMWare Orchestration platform.  Finally, VCS Ethernet fabrics also offer automatic prioritization of IP Storage traffic.


The Gen 5 Fibre Channel (16 Gbps) capabilities of the NetApp UTA2 and Brocade’s Fibre Channel network solutions provide the right architecture to support Tier 1 storage workloads, including those supported by SSD, and highly virtualized environments needing extreme I/O performance.  Added to this, Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel features such as Fabric Vision technology enable a more efficient deployment of storage resources.  As an example, Brocade’s ClearLink technology provides improved visibility and diagnostics of the entire network – including the cabling – which enables a faster network deployment of the entire architecture. 


And to simply support for its customers, NetApp provides Automated Support (ASUP) on Brocade products using the Brocade Network Advisor software.


There are people who enjoy a black Model T.  But can we imagine the world without the red sports car?  NetApp and Brocade provide you the right infrastructure choices for your data center, today.


Jason, thank you for an interesting and useful information!

I have a question about the 10Gbe UTA. Is it compatible with 1 GigabitEthernet environment?


Thank you, Karakhan.

The 10GbE UTA does not support 1GbE environments.

The new NetApp FAS2520 storage system uses 10GBaseT ports which can negotiate to 1GbE.