Cirrity Grows Business on FlexPod with Clustered ONTAP

Known for its compliant and secure cloud hosting services, Cirrity provides customers with all the ben­efits of cloud computing without the time, risk, and expense of deploying and maintaining an in-house solution. Cirrity offers state-of-the-art infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions.


To support a growing customer base, Cirrity requires an IT infrastructure that is always available and can scale simply and seamlessly. It also needs a centralized, easily managed, and automated IT infrastructure, so that even during rapid growth as much time as possible can be devoted to activities that will help build the business. The ability to optimize server and storage efficiencies is also key to providing a competitively priced, quality product.


The solution

Cirrity’s FlexPod solution resides in the company’s primary data center and includes multiple NetApp FAS3240 and FAS3220 storage systems as well as Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) B230 M2 blade servers, enterprise-class Cisco Nexus 5548 Series Switches, and Cisco UCS 6248UP 48-port fabric interconnects.

Both the FAS3240 and FAS3220 systems are configured with clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.1 software. Clustered Data ONTAP brings centralized management; nondisruptive operations; and scale-up, scale-out capabilities to Cirrity’s 100% VMware virtualized environment.

“Business continuity is critical to our reputation,” says Dan Timko, President and CTO. “The ability to operate clustered ONTAP means we can move data from storage system to stor­age system for maintenance or other activities without affecting users. There is also significant advantage in seamlessly adding NetApp systems as needed with­out having to buy big metal up front.”


Cirrity’s on-demand FlexPod infrastructure with clustered Data ONTAP enables the company to deliver industry-leading cloud services to its channel partners in an extremely com­petitive time frame. “No customer wants to sign up for cloud services and learn it will take 30 days to get online,” says Dan Timko. “VMware on FlexPod with clus­tered Data ONTAP enables us to deliver services the same day that the request is made.”


As an emerging cloud services pro­vider with potential for exponential growth, Cirrity is leveraging its exten­sive cloud services expertise and VMware on FlexPod with clustered Data ONTAP to growth its business.


Mike McNamara


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