Cisco: New Technologies for Cloud-Ready Networking

I remember hearing from one of our executives who was asked by a customer if we would provide a quote for new storage. His response was, No. The customer was surprised and asked, why not? Our executive said, if you are going to continue to do business as usual and simply ask for the lowest cost storage, then you don't value what we do and you won't benefit from what we offer. But, if you are prepared to do things differently to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations, then we will be ready to have that conversation.

I love that story and especially that message. Innovative products and ideas deliver not just a faster way of doing the same things, or simply a lower priced product. The greatest innovations provide the tools necessary to redefine your business operations in ways that simplify your processes, accelerate your business objectives, and free up resources to develop new revenue streams. When times are really good and your biggest problem is filling orders and finding enough space to store all of that cash coming in, then you may not think you need more IT innovation. You may think you just need more of what you have. But, when times get a little tougher, and your competition is nipping at your heels, you need to find ways to become more efficient, more agile, more responsive, or simply just "mo better".

Cisco announced this week advances in their Nexus and Catalyst Ethernet switch family along with additional improvements to some of their other switch and router products. These advances in their product portfolio include not only increased network performance with speeds up to 100Gb, but also improvements to simplify managing data center and campus wide networks, including technologies optimized for cloud applications and media heavy workloads. Cisco's Shashi Kiran details what this announcement means for organizations looking to put teeth into their plans for transitioning or leaping into the cloud in his blog entry, How Cisco Switching Innovations Help Deliver Cloud-Ready Networking. Worth the read.

Our world is becoming increasingly more digitally connected (possibly too connected ). Making the right network investments can prepare organizations of all sizes to achieve dramatic efficiency and agility in their IT operations today while also laying the foundation to address the oncoming challenges of tomorrow. As I mentioned earlier, if you are going to keep doing the same thing, if only a little faster, then you may not be prepared to compete with those reworking their infrastructure and operations with the most innovative tools. Take a look at Cisco's new products to determine if you can accelerate your business operations.