Citrix and NetApp helping customer success with BYOD

Last month, I attended Citrix Synergy Barcelona and while walking around the Solutions Expo, Cloud and Mobility is the big topic of the event.  In my many conversations, around Cloud Strategy, with Alliances, Partners and Customers, Mobility is one of the top priorities.  It makes sense given the ubiquitous and empowering nature of Cloud combined with the innovations and breakthroughs happening around smartphones and tablets.


During Mark Templeton’s (President and Chief Executive Officer – Citrix) Keynote he discussed the cost challenges around delivering Mobile Computing.  Whether you are an Enterprise supporting BYOD (Bring your own device) or a Cloud Services company provisioning Mobile compute products to its customers, delivering this service cost effectively will determine its sustainability and profitability.


In order for a technical solution to be successful, it needs to address the needs of it users but also be financially profitable for the Service Provider selling that service.  If it is not profitable then the incentive to provide that service goes down.  Either the quality of the service suffers or the service ceases to exist. Using Facebook as an example, it has been observed that the Facebook user base has shifted from using a traditional browser to a mobile device to access the Facebook service. This switch has caused a dramatic impact to Facebook’s ad revenue business model.  Like Facebook, Cloud Mobilty Service Providers have two variables in an equation to maintain.  The one variable is revenue attached to the Mobile Compute service and the other is the cost of delivering that service.  Given that revenue streams are flat or declining, bringing the line derived from this equation to have a positive slope requires delivering the service in a more efficient manor.


This brings me to Citrix ShareFile Enterprise.  This is a Mobile Data Access solution which Enterprises can deploy internally or Service Providers and add to their service portfolio.  It allows users to securely store, sync, share data on any device, anywhere.


Today, Citrix and NetApp have announced an joint solution, Citrix ShareFile with StorageZones. This solution helps enterprises and service providers simplify and accelerate on-premisis, large-scale data sharing and storage deployments.  Combining Citrix ShareFile and NetApp Agile Data Infrastructure is already helping Enterprise Customers and Service providers deliver a cost effective Mobile Data Access solution.  With ShareFile as a new data storage mechanism in the enterprise, end users can rapidly consume storage with multiple file versions and desktop synchronization. NetApp’s efficiency with deduplication for primary data allows for over 50% savings in storage infrastructure needs, storing only incremental changes to updated content.  This all happens without any performance penalty and in some cases delivers higher performance due driving up the efficiency and leverage of the Cache on the NetApp FAS storage controller.


Given the unpredictability of Mobile Compute adoption and growth a very important consideration is the overall Agility of the underlying infrastructure.  It is very likely that the environment built for today’s needs will often not be able to keep up with the adoption and usage rate. Mobile File Access is very popular and growing everyday. To address this, NetApp’s truly Unified Data ONTAP (Worlds #1 Storage Infrastructure OS) allows the quick expansion and adding of functionality without the need to retool or retrain.


With the rapid adoption and innovation around Cloud and Mobile Compute there will be a continuous eye on the economics of how it plays out in the market.  Citrix having a name synonymous with Mobile Compute is in the position to bring a lot of value to the Cloud and Mobile compute solutions. NetApp’s unique industry and business impacting solutions allowing for unparalleled efficiency and agility will help power these solutions and allow the architectures to change and adapt as Cloud and Mobile Compute grow into more areas of our personal and business lives.


Beyond the business impacts StorageZones and Data ONTAP together offer, it also addresses security concerns around BYOD and Mobile Data Access.  Because this solution is designed to be deployed on premise it allows customers to meet compliance and data sovereignty requirements. Given the powerful and enabling characteristics of Mobile Data Access, allowing users to view their data anywhere and anytime, this can also present a security concern if the mobile device gets into the wrong hands.  This is where rich security policies such as remote wipe and poison pill are essential elements contained in this solution. Most importantly, security also means preventing data loss.  NetApp's market leading and scalable SnapShot backup/recovery and disaster recovery solutions allow for a complete secure enterprise solution.


To find out more information on Citrix ShareFile with StorageZones Citrix, NetApp and Forrester will be holding a Launch Webcast to show and discuss how ShareFile with StorageZones empower Enterprises to choose how data is shared and stored.  This Webcast is free and takes place on November 13, 2012 at 15:00 GMT.




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