Cloud Integrated Storage: The Best of Both Worlds

Among the top ten IT priorities for 2015 are improving backup and recovery and using cloud infrastructure services. Additionally, the top two use cases for cloud infrastructure services are data backup and archive, and disaster recovery. Why are these priorities highly ranked you ask? Simply because organizations want value for their money, leading them to take advantage of the cloud.


Cloud backup is a competitive advantage and many organizations aren’t sure whether to pursue it, or to continue using disk and tape backup. According to The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), you can get the best of both worlds with cloud integrated storage.


NetApp SteelStore cloud integrated storage appliance works with an organizations’ existing backup software, maintaining local disk for recovery. The appliance not only minimizes risk, but it can be physical or virtual, running on-premise or in a cloud. SteelStore enables customers to securely store data in the cloud of their choice at up to 90% less cost than traditional methods.


Read the Infographic below to see why “every data protection modernization conversation today really has to include the cloud.” - Jason Buffington, ESG