Clouds Are on the Horizon…and That’s a Good Thing

You’ve heard a lot about the cloud by now. Whether powering your phone or, in the next few years, your kitchen appliances, it is an innovation bound to make our day easier, chart the skies, and perhaps even save lives. So how is it all coming along? Well, for starters, the global cloud computing market has a compound annual growth rate of 36%. That’s some wild growth! In addition, the average company is using 738 cloud services. That’s some incredible variety!

We’ve pulled together some of the most interesting uses of cloud computing today into this infographic. In it you’ll learn:

  • How Starbucks is able to brew the perfect cup of coffee for individual customers
  • How many people will use cloud-provisioned office systems in 2022 (hint: It’s a very big number)
  • How the cloud makes construction cheaper and more efficient
  • And much more

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