Cloupia Acquisition is a Win for FlexPod Converged Infrastructure Customers

By Patrick Rogers, vice president, solutions and integrations, NetApp


Today, NetApp is excited to celebrate Cisco’s acquisition of Cloupia, one of our FlexPod Validated Management partners. Cloupia was an early member of our FlexPod Validated Management program.  With the acquisition, customers and partners will have easier access through Cisco to one of the most innovative provisioning, monitoring and management solutions for FlexPod, and it ensures that Cloupia’s solutions will continue to receive the support and funding of a large data center provider.


Since its introduction in late 2010, the FlexPod® data center platform has been wildly successful. Just a week ago, Cisco and NetApp celebrated the solution’s two-year anniversary, announcing that more than 1,600 customer sites in 35 countries have deployed FlexPod configurations. We attribute this phenomenal success to fact that FlexPod integrates critical compute, networking and storage components into a single, flexible architecture that increases efficiencies, reduces risk and improves ROI. These converged infrastructure benefits, combined with clear technical implementation best practices, help accelerate the move many customers are making to cloud-based, agile data infrastructures.


Much of FlexPod’s success is due to collaboration with partners. For FlexPod management and orchestration, we continue to work with partners to inform customers that these solutions are validated as part of our FlexPod Validated Management program. FlexPod Validated Management partners comply with FlexPod Infrastructure Management development requirements for end-to-end automation and unified manageability across the combined Cisco® UCS™, Cisco Nexus® and NetApp FAS components.  These solutions have been tested in NetApp and Cisco labs to verify that they meet a common and extensive set of requirements.


As one of our earliest FlexPod Validated Management partners, Cloupia delivers:

  • Single-click infrastructure provisioning of FlexPod™, including bare-metal compute provisioning, allocating and mapping share storage (LUNs and volumes), and advanced network provisioning to support both physical and virtual workloads.
  • The ability to install and implement a truly integrated out-of-box solution to begin FlexPod™ resource deployments, monitoring/analytics and management within a few hours, alleviating the need for multiple tools, disparate bolt-on technologies, and professional services.
  • Automated and nondisruptive FlexPod™ scaling, adding more compute, storage, and network resources to meet the dynamic demands of the data center without disrupting current workloads.
  • Management and real-time monitoring from a single pane of glass for each infrastructure component in the FlexPod™ configuration.
  • Integrated cloud automation capabilities that include end-user self-service portal, design deploy component-level service catalog, and chargeback management that avoids additional tools to transform FlexPod™ configurations to clouds.

Today’s data center architectures are increasingly complex, with a mix of physical and virtual infrastructure, including servers, storage, networks and virtualization. Having a diverse set of management tools for physical and virtual components not only adds to complexity, but also increases the failure rates. Data center admins spend countless hours coordinating, configuring, and provisioning across isolated silos of server, storage, networking and virtualization and this leads to longer service delivery times, operational inefficiencies, and higher costs. Next-generation data centers require the speed and agility to quickly provision, configure and manage virtual and physical infrastructures. FlexPod Validated Management partners, including Cloupia, CA, and Gale Technologies ensure end-to-end automation and a unified approach to manageability for FlexPod. 


Cloupia is an important example of how we enable a broad ecosystem of FlexPod management partners. Part of the value of FlexPod is its “flexibility” and we remain committed to working with customers and partners to provide the best solutions for their specific implementation challenges.


Congratulations to the Cloupia team, and to Cisco for recognizing the long-term value of Cloupia’s innovative approach to data center infrastructure orchestration.