Customer Example of ROI Analysis of clustered Data ONTAP

In early 2014, Forrester Consulting commenced work on a research project commissioned by NetApp that focused on examining the potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by adopting NetApp clustered Data ONTAP solutions for Microsoft applications. The study highlighted the costs and benefits of the NetApp solution as experienced by Bellevue College and conveyed to Forrester via in-depth interviews.  This blog summarizes the savings.


Based on an analysis of interviews with Bellevue College, Forrester Consulting was able to quantify the benefits of reducing storage hardware, avoiding a second SAN and savings in labor due to deploying NetApp clustered Data ONTAP solutions. These benefits total $838,000 over three years (before risk or PV adjustments).

Reduction In Storage Hardware with Data Duplication: Savings of $63,000

With the addition of a dual-controller NetApp FAS6210 storage system running clustered Data ONTAP, Bellevue College was able to reduce workload storage costs across NFS and CIFS storage protocols by deduplicating redundant data. Savings over three years are as follows:

Year 1 — during the first year, Bellevue College was able to avoid purchasing 4 TB of storage at an average cost of $4,500 per TB, for a cost avoidance savings of $18,000.

Year 2 — Bellevue College anticipates saving 6 TB of storage in Year 2 for a savings of $27,000.

Year 3 — in Year 3 it will save an additional 4 TB of storage for a savings of $18,000.

Total three-year savings associated with deduplication and clustered Data ONTAP is $63,000.


Avoiding The Cost Of A Second SAN: $175,000

Previous to its NetApp investment, Bellevue College had reached capacity on its legacy storage system. One alternative to expand its storage capacity was to purchase a second SAN ($175,000); however, in the legacy environment, the SANs would not be able to share data, and the switch connections were maxed out. Bellevue College was able to avoid this $175,000 cost by deploying the NetApp FAS6210 storage system running clustered Data ONTAP. With NetApp, Bellevue College has adequate disk space in Years 1 and 2, and the ability to grow significantly in the future by adding disk shelves nondisruptively to the NetApp system.


Labor Savings with Fewer Storage Administrators Needed: $600,000

The college has headcount budget restrictions and would not have been able to deliver the incremental services and/or increased technical support with the current headcount using the legacy systems. Its investment in clustered Data ONTAP solutions for Microsoft applications allows the college to keep headcount flat and avoid hiring one full-time equivalent (FTE) in Year 1 and two more FTEs in Year 2 and 3. At an industry average fully-loaded cost of $120,000 per year, the college is able to save $120,000 in Year 1 and $240,000 in Years 2 and 3.


In summary, for Bellevue College, NetApp’s clustered Data ONTAP solution for Microsoft applications carries a low level of risk, a positive 77% risk-adjusted ROI, and a 16-month horizon to recoup the investment.


Regards, Mike McNamara