Customer Survey Results on Eliminating Storage Downtime

I conducted a customer survey to better understand the dynamics behind eliminating planned storage downtime. The survey was administered online using Survey Monkey, and was listed and promoted in NetApp Communities, SANbytes blog, Tech OnTap, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and ran for 5 weeks. 208 responses were collected.


The survey respondents were all IT professionals, with approximately 44% storage or server admins, 23% architects and 19% application developers. Most of the respondents were from the following industries: financial services, technology, manufacturing, government and healthcare.  The majority of the respondents have either EMC and/or NetApp storage installed, and 70% of the respondents had a good understanding of scale-out/clustered storage.


The following summarizes some of the results.


Who does upgrades, maintenance?



Top challenges addressed by clustering?



# of times systems taken offline?

Time down for maintenance?

Effect of planned downtime?

  1. Lost productivity
  2. Lost sales
  3. Poor customer satisfaction


Financial impact of planned downtime per instance?


Reasons for planned downtime?

  1. Firmware upgrade
  2. Controller upgrade
  3. Adding disk shelves
  4. OS upgrade


Top vendors for eliminating planned downtime?




Mike McNamara