Data ONTAP #1 Storage Operating System

This blog is part of a series on Data ONTAP 8 clustering, and provides an update on product status.


Data ONTAP 8.1 blog series:

1.       Why Scale-Out & What’s New.

2.       Unified Scale-Out – What’s Supported & Why It’s Unique

3.       Nondisruptive Operations – What Does it Mean?

4.       Enterprise Ready Data ONTAP 8 Cluster-Mode

5.       What’s Included In A Cluster Configuration

6.       Data ONTAP 8 Clustering – Multitenancy Designed In

7.       ESG Lab Validation of Data ONTAP 8.1 Unified Clustering

8.       Storage Monitoring Made Easy:  A Video Demonstration of Data ONTAP 8 Clustering

9.       Data ONTAP Unified (SAN and NAS) Cluster Benchmark Performance

10.    Announcing Data ONTAP 8.1.1 operating in Cluster-Mode

11.    PeakColo Guarantees 100% SLA for the Cloud with Data ONTAP 8 Clustering


As of June 2012, data shows that more customers trust Data ONTAP software than any other storage system operating system.  NetApp strengthened its reputation as an innovation leader with the latest offering of Data ONTAP, the #1* storage operating system. 




Why is Data ONTAP the #1* storage operating system?   It’s because of NetApp capabilities and features such as  Storage Efficiency, Virtual Storage TierIntegrated Data ProtectionUnified Architecture, and Secure Multi-tenancy.  In addition, Data ONTAP 8.1.1 went general availability in late August.


*Source: NetApp internal estimates of Revenue and Storage Capacity in the Worldwide Open-Networked Storage Market, as of June 2012. VNX, VNXe, and Celerra NS can run any Flare or Dart operating system. The contribution of these products to the OS share has been estimated based on the proportion of NAS and SAN installations in these products (NAS – Dart; SAN – Flare).


Mike McNamara