Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent 5.1 - Use NetApp SMI-S Provider for Hyper-V Hosts Storage Management using SCVMM 2012 R2 (Allocate Storage Pool to Hyper-V Host Groups in SCVMM)

I hope you all enjoyed part 3 of my micro blog tutorial on how to connect the Hyper-V hosts to NetApp Storage.  In part 4 , i would demonstrate the steps to allocate storage pools to hyper-v host groups using SCVMM .


To use the storage exposed via SMI-S in SCVMM, you must allocate storage pools to the Hyper-V host groups. When this procedure is performed the Hyper-V host members of that host group will be suitable for LUN provisioning and LUN creation, only for the selected storage pools.


Under Fabric, select the storage host group on which you want to allocate the storage pool, in my current scenario its the "All Hosts" group.


Right-click > select Properties.



On the Storage page, click Storage, and then click Allocate Storage Pools.


Click Available storage pool and click Add. This will allocate the storage pool to the All Hosts host group, so that the Hyper-V hosts can use it, click ok.


The storage pool is now allocated to the host group, SCVMM will now be able to create and allocate a LUN in this storage pool for the host member of the host group.



I hope that you have enjoyed this blog entry  and have found this information helpful.


In my next micro-blog on Hyper-V Host storage management i would be talking about the steps which need to be followed to create a LUN for a "Standalone Hyper-V Host", "Hyper-V Cluster" and how you can "Use a Cluster Disk as a Cluster Shared Volume for High Availability".


Good Luck !