Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent 5.1 - Use NetApp SMI-S Provider for VM SAN Migration (SAN-Copy) based using SCVMM 2012 R2

I hope you all enjoyed my blog on how to "Use NetApp SMI-S provider for Rapid provisioning VM's using SAN Copy". In this blog post , i would demonstrate how can use NetApp SMI-S Provider for Migrating virtual machine storage using SAN copy.


For VMs, which are running on a cluster SCVMM will use live migration to move VMs across cluster, SAN migration is used to Move VMs across different clusters or between standalone hosts.

Let us see an example that shows how we can migrate VMs across standalone hosts using VM migration and SAN migration process.


Open the SCVMM console and select the VM placed on standalone host, right-click it and select Migrate Virtual Machine.


Select the appropriate standalone host and click Next, you would be able to see the Transfer Type as SAN and click Next.


Click Browse and select the desired destination folder, click OK, and then click Next.


You would be able to see that the destination drive would have (SAN Migration Capable) in the description page.


Review the summary page and click Move to migrate the VM, Monitor the status of the job, and see that it completes successfully, you would be able to see that in the deploy file named job status the transfer type would be listed as using SAN transfer.



I hope that you have enjoyed this blog entry and have found this information helpful.


Good Luck!