Data Protection and the Virtualized SMB

By Ernie China, Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp


This is the third blog I’ve written/co-written looking at virtualization in SMBs and how the Test Drive program from NetApp and VMware lets SMBs experience firsthand how virtualization can benefit their storage networks. You can also take a look back at the previous posts, “What’s the True Cost of Virtual Network Storage to the SMB?” and “Virtualization and Mid-Size Businesses: What’s the Hold Up?”.


In this post, let’s take a look at adding data backup and disaster recovery capabilities to a SMB virtual network. In non-virtualized networks, SMBs have been content to use DAS or older tape backup systems. But as they incorporate more virtualization into their networks, it appears that some SMBs are struggling with adapting their legacy backup processes to a virtual model.


In a recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute, it was discovered that 59 percent of SMBs use separate backup and recovery solutions for their physical and virtual environments. And nearly half of those surveyed don’t back up their virtual systems as often as their physical ones; why the disparity?


As discussed in previous blogs, with SMBs it’s usually a matter of cost or resources. The software and hardware solutions providing enterprise-class backup capabilities are generally seen as too expensive and/or too complex to be handled by in-house IT teams. A complete backup and recovery solution often requires the use of software and hardware from multiple vendors that can overtax the management capabilities of most SMB IT groups.


NetApp and VMware are very aware of what SMBs are struggling with when it comes to backup and have developed a joint hardware/software solution that should alleviate their concerns. SMBs that purchase an affordable storage solution from NetApp and upgrade to VMware to vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise (VSOM Ent) will be able to quickly and easily add backup and disaster recover capabilities to their existing vSphere environment. This gives SMBs the ability to implement these more advanced storage capabilities using the VMware vCenter console they have grown used to working with.


If you’re interested in seeing just how easy it is to protect your valuable applications and add backup and disaster recovery to your virtualized network, you can download a free 90-day trial of NetApp virtual appliance and VMware software here.