Data Storage Management Headaches? Strategies From Paralympic Blade Runners May Help.

By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


Are the London 2012 Olympics already just a distant memory for you? Maybe you could do with a little reminder of how exciting it was to watch the world’s best athletes compete. Tonight South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius and Britain’s Jonnie Peacock are competing for gold in the 100 meter final. Oscar Pistorius actually competed in the August 2012 Olympics, and is also competing in the Paralympic games.


Using technology as a competitive advantage was raised as a concern in both the Olympics and Paralympics, which makes me think about how we measure world-class athletes versus how we use technology as a competitive advantage in business. Some Olympic athletes were concerned that Oscar Pistorius truly had a competitive advantage as a double amputee using running blades. Now in the Paralympics, concerns have been raised about the length of a runner’s blades, and whether a longer gate actually gives the athlete a competitive advantage. Others believe that longer running blades do not necessarily give a competitive advantage since the trade off is that they have to accommodate a different center of gravity.


Fortunately, in the business world success is based on how well one can use technology to gain competitive advantage. As I think about companies who have small IT teams or even just one IT generalist, it’s critical that technology plays a role in helping them manage their IT systems effectively and efficiently. That’s where data storage management products such as NetApp OnCommand System Manager really do make a big difference. Why? Because you don’t need to be a storage expert, you just need to make smart decisions in technology and enterprise storage systems that will help you get or maintain competitive advantage. When resources are severely limited, NetApp provides you with a portfolio of data storage management tools needed for IT infrastructure optimization.


So getting back to the Paralympic games, the debate on technology and whether or not some athletes have an unfair competitive advantage continues. I will enjoy watching the blade runners in tonight’s showdown and continue to be in awe of their achievements.