Demartek Lab Evaluation Summary of NetApp EF540 All-Flash Array and the SANtricity SSD Cache Technology

NetApp commissioned Demartek to evaluate the performance of its EF540 flash array and the E-Series SANtricity SSD Cache technologyThe NetApp EF540 flash array running the SANtricity operating system is designed for performance-driven applications with sub millisecond latency requirements. The NetApp E5400 also running the SANtricity operating system  is a performance-efficient midrange storage array for a variety of application-driven environments.


The EF540 system testing was performed with 24 800GB SSDs. The E-Series SSD Cache testing was done on an E5460 system with 20 NL-SAS drives and a single 800GB SSD.



Demartek’s findings concluded that the NetApp EF540 all-flash enterprise storage system provides a compact solution to meet demanding requirements. 


  • The EF540 in the all-flash configuration achieved greater than 330,000 IOPS while maintaining response times of less than 1 millisecond.
  • The EF540 can scale up to nearly 40TB of all-flash capacity in 4 rack-units (4U).


The NetApp E5460 with SANtricity SSD cache provides strong read performance acceleration while leveraging lower-cost HDDs for capacity.


  • The E5460 SANtricity SSD Cache achieved almost 17x better IOPS and bandwidth performance, and greater than 17x lower (better) latency after the cache was warmed.
  • The E5460 SANtricity SSD Cache can be enabled with a single SSD and can grow with additional SSDs as needed.


In summary, Demartek concluded that the NetApp EF-Series and E-Series are well suited to meet many workload environment requirements. EF540 provides outstanding results for performance-driven applications demanding high IOPS and low latency and the E-Series SANtricity SSD Cache feature is ideal to increase application performance for read-intensive applications.


Mike McNamara