Does DataFort EOS mean SOL? Not at all

NetApp is a friendly sort of company. We like to work with our partners and highlight our joint solutions and the value they bring to our customers. And on SANbytes, we like to give voice to our partners. So, today, we present a guest blog from Blair Semple, Director of Business Development at SafeNet, to discuss some of the exciting things we are doing together around data encryption.



At the end of March, NetApp ended software support for the DataFort Ethernet encryption appliance, and will be ending software support for the LKM (key management) in June. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably
one of two people:


  1. You have an old decru DataFort box and are wondering what to do now.
  2. You’re looking for storage encryption and/ or key management solutions, heard DataFort was a great solution and now are a little confused why it’s being EOL’d.


No matter what, reading this post will help you understand 1) what happened to DataFort, and 2) how you can implement industry-leading encryption.


What happened to decru/ NetApp DataFort?


NetApp acquired decru in 2005 to provide the encryption component to its successful storage solutions. Several years later, NetApp decided to realign its solutions to its core competencies and began looking for
partners to take the encryption solutions to the next level. That’s where SafeNet enters the picture. “As we looked at the lifecycle of the DataFort product, we looked for a partner who could take it to the next level – take it to higher speeds and new feature sets,” said Tim Russell, VP Data LifeCycle Solutions at NetApp. “SafeNet’s depth in security and line speed encryption success led us to you.”


Over the past three years, SafeNet and NetApp have been working closely together to make sure that NetApp’s customers are able to easily replace the DataFort product they know and trust and can also take advantage of advanced feature sets to meet the needs of their  evolving storage infrastructure.


What does the NetApp EOS really mean?


NetApp is ending software support this year. That means that there will be no more software bug fixes or upgrades for customers who make changes to their infrastructure. For example, if you move to Windows 7, or Server 2012, there may be incompatibilities with the legacy DataFort product suite and NetApp will no longer be building enhancements to DataFort to fit your new infrastructure. This can cause organizations to lose the ability to secure or decrypt their encrypted data.


Also, NetApp is ONLY ending software support – not hardware. So if your fan breaks, or your box stops working, NetApp can replace the product with exactly the same product.


I need encryption – what can I do?


NetApp is highly committed to providing consistent support for its customers. So don’t worry, they’re not leaving you high and dry! NetApp and SafeNet have been working very closely over the past few years to evolve
the technology, and create a seamless migration plan. There are replacement products for each piece of the DataFort suite (Ethernet encryption, fiber channel encryption, and key management). SafeNet StorageSecure (Ethernet) and KeySecure (key management) can literally drop in and perform exactly the same functions as your existing solution. Or, you can take advantage of the upgrades NetApp and SafeNet have made together in StorageSecure.


Advantages of advanced solutions


The performance expectations, threat landscape and amount of data organizations are required to store and process every year have changed drastically since 2005 when NetApp acquired decru. The new  afeNet StorageSecure and KeySecure solutions have evolved to meet the needs of organizations today, as well as prepare organizations to handle future challenges. For example, StorageSecure is faster and supports more authentication protocols than the old decru solution. KeySecure incorporates KMIP protocols, and as such can manage keys from any KMIP-compliant server or client, including SafeNet Luna, SafeNet StorageSecure, NetApp NSE, DataFort and LKM, Brocade Encryption Switch, Quantum Tape Libraries, SafeNet ProtectV, and many others.


The bottom line: SafeNet and NetApp have worked closely together to provide DataFort customers with a seamless migration path to the next-generation solution. Whether you’re ready to upgrade today, or need time to
think about your next steps visit or to learn more about NetApp and SafeNet solutions and how they can take you from legacy to longevity.