E-Series Under the Covers – Rock-Solid

By Scott Peiffer


The Storage Community is very well versed on the value of NetApp.  With strong market position and innovation leadership with Clustered Data ONTAP, NetApp continues to bring great products to market. But does a single approach work for all storage needs? Enter the value of the E-Series product into the NetApp portfolio. 


Looking at E-Series from two distinct perspectives: first, where does it fit and second, why is it a good fit.

The first answer is to see that E-Series fits in many areas in the storage world. From the world's fastest super computer with 55PBs of storage and over 1TB/s of sustained write speeds, to supermarkets, small businesses and extremely robust Flash Arrays supporting very large online retailers, E-Series has reach into many segments and use cases in the market.  


The second part of the question is, “Why E-Series is a good fit for so many different workloads and applications.” To answer that, it really requires a look at the heritage of the E-Series products. With customers like the National labs, Data Warehousing and Server OEMs, E-Series has developed industry leading features around performance efficiency and RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability). Performance meets the most aggressive requirements for performance and value as well as reliability for the most demanding Data Warehousing environments. E-Series has been designed to watch each and every IOP, to manage consistent throughput and to deliver reliable performance to meet the most demanding workloads. 


Many of today’s Applications have their own rich feature sets and don’t require extensive data management from the storage. This is the perfect complement to FAS Storage Efficiency where FAS provides many data management plug-ins and application-optimized features for those applications that require them. E-Series may appear deceptively simple with its price/performance and basic data management positioning, but it adds unique strength and breadth to the NetApp portfolio.


E-Series under the covers

Over 20 years of shipping products with a maniacal focus on data protection, customer data is continuously safeguarded with features like Data Assurance (T10-PI), SafeStore Encryption Services, Dynamic Disk Pools with Dynamic Rebalancing, proactive identification of poorly performing drives, AutoSupport, replication services and sophisticated levels of path and component redundancy. Rock-solid storage is the result of that data protection heritage and years of code hardening from the most demanding customers.


With a demonstrated 99.999% uptime and over 650,000 units deployed, E-Series is a product to trust. Many E-Series arrays have been running in the field longer than the wave of new start-ups have been in business. Who are you going to trust your data with?


From the simple, scalable and dense product positioning to high performance throughput requirements, E-Series is a valuable addition to the NetApp portfolio. You can buy with confidence.


We just got our first E-series and I'm liking it.  IMO, it's more like a real/traditional SAN than FAS/Ontap is (I came from large HP, EMC environments).