ENERGY STAR Saves You Power – and Money: NetApp Leads the Way with Certified Products

By Jon Jacob, Product Marketing Manager, FAS Systems, NetApp


Conserving energy is the right thing to do – not only is it good for the environment but it’s also financially smart. That’s why NetApp products are designed to reduce energy consumption and save you money on power and cooling.


Our commitment to the environment has prompted NetApp to lead the initial wave of ENERGY STAR qualifications for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new program for Data Center Storage.


  • Today, we are proud to announce that configurations of our NetApp FAS2200 are ENERGY STAR certified. A majority of the EPA’s initial ENERGY STAR certified configurations are NetApp systems (FAS2220, FAS2240-2, FAS2240-4).
  • Plus, we are certifying NetApp E-Series configurations (E2700 and E5500) for mid-CY2014.


The EPA’s new program for Data Center Storage is similar to existing ENERGY STAR programs that cover appliances used in the home as well as servers used in businesses.


In designing our FAS systems, we focused on storage efficiency. For example, our Data ONTAP operating system for NetApp FAS was the first storage operating system to offer free data deduplication and data compression of primary and secondary storage. Other Data ONTAP technologies – such as thin provisioning, Snapshot copies, and RAID-DP – reduce the amount of storage required, lowering your energy usage and overall costs (CAPEX and OPEX).


These storage efficiency technologies have resulted in capacity savings of over 10 Exabytes, the equivalent of 10 MILLION 1TB disk drives. Those drives would have consumed 75MW of power – the equivalent of a small power plant!


NetApp E-Series systems are designed to deliver performance efficiency for the most demanding workloads. These very fast, dense and operationally efficient systems deliver high performance (GB/s or IOPS) per watt consumed. 


The storage and performance efficiency of the NetApp portfolio saves money by reducing your energy usage as well as capacity purchases and on-going operating expenses. And today, we are proud that our FAS2200 supports ENERGY STAR requirements being adopted globally.


Learn more on about our leadership in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program for Data Center Storage and look out for more news in the coming months regarding our green initiatives.