Easy Data Portability Across Cloud Platforms – New Announcement

By Dustin Smith, Vice President of Systems Architecture with Advanced Systems Group


We’ve been pretty consistent in our cloud computing blog posts that the deployment option you choosepublic, private, or hybrid – should be driven by business factors, including:

  • Initial investment
  • Amount of data you plan on storing
  • Longevity of data you plan on storing
  • Required performance levels
  • Access patterns and locations your company needs
  • Security and confidentiality requirements
  • Service level agreements
  • In-house technical resources available


Now, thanks to our technology partner NetApp, managing data across any cloud platform, or blend of cloud computing platforms, is a business factor that won’t be part of the decision-making equation. More and more companies are relying on not just one type of cloud deployment platform (public as example) but rather a blend of platforms as their application and computing needs dictate. One obstacle with realizing true cloud computing efficiency with multiple deployments was data portability.


NetApp’s strategy is to use the world’s number one storage operating system Data ONTAP as a universal data platform across clouds. Data ONTAP will enable dynamic data portability across all clouds and will support extensive customer choice for application, technology, and cloud partner options. NetApp will also be working closely with Cisco to deepen the integration of clustered Data ONTAP into the FlexPod converged infrastructure solution thanks in part to new reference architectures. As a NetApp partner we’re excited for what this will ultimately mean to our customers. In short they’ll be able to:

  1. Optimize their IT delivery by integrating NetApp’s enterprise-class data management and stewardship with the flexibility, speed and economics of the public cloud
  2. Simplify data management in the cloud with clustered Data ONTAP,  NetApp’s versatile, unified storage platform that can be deployed across any private and public cloud resource
  3. Respond instantly to ever-changing demands with NetApp integrated data portability technologies to dynamically move data and applications among cloud resources and providers
  4. Build the cloud environment that best fits their organization by engaging with NetApp’s extensive ecosystem of technology, application, and cloud services partners


Without data portability concerns, harnessing the speed, flexibility and economics of the cloud becomes a whole lot easier. With NetApp's extended strategy to provide seamless cloud management across any blend of public and private cloud resources coupled with our history and experience in building cloud computing solutions, we can now provide our customers the ability to optimize their IT delivery and operations with much more efficiency.


Stay tuned to our blog for more information on this exciting new development.