Eliminating Storage Downtime

The cost of downtime is a major concern for organizations of all types and sizes. A disaster that causes an extended outage has the potential to put an entire company out of business. Because of this, storage professionals have designed their storage infrastructure to survive these rare events.


The downtime from storage maintenance and lifecycle management, however, is both predictable and preventable. It has been estimated that planned downtime accounts for nearly 90 percent of all outages while unplanned downtime is responsible for only 10 percent. Because it is more common, planned downtime can also be far more disruptive to the typical organization, with a greater impact on both business applications and operations.


The cumulative downtime from maintaining multiple storage systems can span from hours to days or even weeks, depending on the size of the organization. Additionally, the timing and urgency for these types of updates can be unpredictable, even though the maintenance itself can usually be scheduled.


Compared to maintenance operations, lifecycle management changes are fairly predictable and provide storage professionals with more time for planning. On the other hand, these types of changes can be even more disruptive than those resulting from maintenance operations.

Fortunately, the causes of planned downtime for storage systems are easy to identify and clustered Data ONTAP provides the ability to prevent these types of outages.  As discussed in prior blogs, Clustered Data ONTAP supports nondisruptive operations by design and can transparently migrate data and network connections anywhere within a scalable and highly available storage cluster.



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Mike McNamara