Enhanced Virtualization Technology Provides a Competitive Edge to the Progressive SMB

By Ernie China, Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp


This is the fourth in a series of blogs discussing the benefits of implementing virtualization for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). In these blogs, we also talked about the Test Drive evaluation program that lets SMB’s experience firsthand how virtualization technologies from NetApp and VMware provide immediate savings, enhanced simplicity and business continuity to their IT infrastructure. You can find the previous posts “Virtualization and Mid-Size Businesses: What’s the Hold Up?” here, “What’s the True Cost of Virtual Network Storage to the SMB?” here and “Data Protection and the Virtualized SMB” here.


In this blog, we will switch gears and take a look at progressive SMBs who use enhanced virtualization tools to help their smaller IT staff stay ahead of new and emerging business needs. According to SMB Group research, progressive SMBs that invest more in technologies like virtualization are using that investment to improve their bottom lines. From the research article: “Last year we identified a distinct correlation between SMB investments in technology and their business performance. Progressive SMBs are more growth driven, invest more in technology and use technology for competitive advantage. They are also much more likely to anticipate revenue gains than peers whose tech investments are flat or declining—and the gap is widening.”


We see this play out with many of our customer’s every day. I recently sat on a panel discussion that included representatives from IT teams from across the US. One panelist in particular a midsized mining and manufacturing company in the northeastern US stood out. They implemented a NetApp and VMware solution that helped them accelerate a new ERP deployment by four months, saving an estimated $600,000. They also deployed enhanced management tools for their virtualized infrastructure that helped them bring products to market faster and more cost effectively making them a fierce competitor in their region. Their investment in enhanced management tools from NetApp and VMware helped this progressive midsize customer automate and accelerate development activities, allowing them to deliver new and improved services and systems faster with less risk.


If you are interested in seeing just how easy it is to streamline and accelerate your virtualized infrastructure, you can download a free 90-day trial of NetApp virtual appliance and VMware software here.



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