Enterprise Storage: The Foundation for Application Availability

Industry analyst IDC wrote a paper titled “Enterprise Storage: The Foundation for Application and Enterprise Availability”, sponsored by NetApp.  In the paper IDC discusses how IT has grown to become a vital component within successful organizations and while the numbers and types of application deployments may vary among organizational sizes and verticals, the reliance on IT solutions is causing availability and uptime to become paramount  This desire for high application availability is dependent on continuous access to the supporting data, which, for a growing number of organizations, resides on networked disk storage systems. As a result, highly available networked storage systems become a crucial component.


By focusing on both hardware and software aspects, NetApp delivers highly available disk storage solutions that are essential in today's highly virtualized shared environments supporting multiple applications across multiple tenants.  IDC concluded that “with NetApp's rigorous approach to measuring system availability and the ability to leverage that information with frequent Storage Availability Audits, the company continually builds upon strong relationships within its customer base to improve the quality and reliability of storage deployments, not to mention improving the customer experience. With current system uptime measured by NetApp to be over 99.999%, customers can be assured that NetApp disk storage solutions can play a vital role in supporting the application and data availability needed for success.”

The detailed white paper is located here: http://www.netapp.com/us/system/pdf-reader.aspx?pdfuri=tcm:10-111029-16&m=idc-es-foundation.pdf


Mike McNamara