Enterprises are moving to the Cloud – The Cloud is relying on NetApp!

Say what? NetApp has the #1 storage OS in the world, and now they are the leading storage vendor for cloud service providers? Yep.


In a recent report by leading analyst firm, IDC, NetApp is recognized as having shipped the most storage capacity to public cloud service providers. You can read about this awesomeness in this press release,


But, what does that really mean and why is it important?


You can divide up the cloud in three primary segments, Private Cloud, Public Cloud Service Providers, and Hyperscale Cloud Providers. NetApp helps to enable and connect services among all three of these environments.


NetApp storage solutions form the foundation of over 175 service providers delivering over 300 services. These companies leverage the power of our Data ONTAP operating system to deliver value to their customers.


Cloud providers are dependent upon the reliability of their service offerings. It’s not like selling cars where email can go down at corporate, but the cars keep selling from the dealer. If their IT environment goes down, then so do the services they provide to their customers. And so might their reputation go with the customer. No downtime allowed. And think about the complexity of maintenance? Try notifying 100’s of customers about a maintenance window! What if your maintenance window happens to be in the middle of quarter close for a customer? He’s not going to stop what he’s working on. Service providers must deliver 100% uptime. And that’s what service providers expect from NetApp. 

NetApp delivers an ideal storage platform for the infrastructures of private and public clouds. It offers a unified storage infrastructure (block and file) with 5 9’s or greater uptime, massive scale (up to 69PB), the ease of managing large storage environments, and a virtualized multi-tenant architecture that is designed to securely support highly shared IT infrastructures.


NetApp offers the leading portfolio of integrated data protection software, which means that if you are a NetApp customer today there already are NetApp-based service providers who can offer you a variety of data protection services. These range from backup and recovery to disaster recovery, with a range of service level objectives and your choice of management from self-service to fully-managed by the service provider. Our mirroring and vaulting technologies integrate in a way that simplifies moving data into the cloud and out of the cloud. And since the backups are in native format, you can leverage the remote copies for test
and development, etc. with FlexClones.


And with NetApp Private Storage for AWS, you can deploy storage at a colocation facility and manage your data on your remote storage hardware while leveraging the online compute capabilities of Amazon’s EC2 and S3 platforms.


NetApp makes it easy to deploy private or hybrid clouds via integration with the leading cloud service providers in order to give you the flexibility to deploy and redeploy the IT model that best suits your business.


Check out NetApp’s cloud solutions and see how you can transform your IT organization into one that is cloud ready!