Exposed: Lead by Agility

This post was originally published on Exposed by Val Bercovici.


Measuring success is an important part of business, which is great motivation for analyst firms to regularly publish their findings.  Trouble is the creativity of our technology sector results in so many different permutations and combinations for customers to deploy data infrastructure solutions – that no single metric properly captured that success – until now.  IDC (finally) recognizes NetApp’s Data ONTAP as the industry’s #1 Storage Operating System!


Inspect what you expect

I’ve always believed delivering value to customers in our sector should be measured by their own success rather than ours. Nevertheless although capacity per revenue measured was always a simple objective metric I used in this regard, it historically failed to capture the underlying innovation which really sets NetApp apart as the most significantly growing vendor in our sector the past 15 years.


Data is the new IT celebrity

There was a time that hardware infrastructure vendors such as Dell, EMC, IBM, Intel & HP influenced the IT industry, followed by the era of software giants such as Microsoft, Oracle & SAP.  Business Value has migrated today to Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, et al which leverage the abundance of computing resources at their disposal to redefine our expectations of technology.


Agility is the new enabler

In order to deliver on these new expectations, IT organizations are shifting to service orientation while abandoning technology silos.  Shared resources, speed of deployment and reallocation on demand trumps legacy principles of heavy metal, size or hierarchy.


Storage Infrastructure requirements for our new reality include:

  • Deploying pools of compute / networking / storage that can be non-disruptively expanded to serve apps that haven’t even been conceived yet
  • Shrink-wrapping infrastructure to meet growth as well as reduction / reallocation of demand
  • Shared multi-tenant infrastructure supporting thousands of users and applications without planned or unplanned down-time
  • Ability to start small, grow fast and stay big while reducing management effort to a relative logarithmic basis
  • Increased infrastructure usage efficiency to address tension of data growth in the face of reduced budgets


Only an Agile Data Infrastructure can get you there!


Clustered Data ONTAP rises to the occasion

Built on more than 20 years of innovation, Clustered Data ONTAP has evolved to meet changing needs of customers and drive their success.  Today’s latest version combines the richest data management feature set in the industry with clustering for unlimited scale, operational efficiency, and non-disruptive operations.


The unique ability to plan, build & run a shared virtualized data infrastructure for small, medium, large & huge IT requirements provides NetApp customers with a compelling value proposition that is unmatched in the industry.   No other storage vendor is able to address these requirements with a single, integrated solution.  Accelerated adoption quarter over quarter of Clustered Data ONTAP is validating our strategy!


The Best is yet to Come!

Now that we’ve accomplished yet another industry milestone, what continues to excite me about working at NetApp?  The answer lies in our increasingly broad array of consumption models.  As a portfolio company, NetApp now addresses fast-growing market segments such as HPC, Analytics & Web-Scale with technology that augments Data ONTAP.  But the shared virtualized core of our industry is served via a variety of Clustered Data ONTAP solutions including:



The robustness of these Data ONTAP varieties gives me unbridled optimism that NetApp will continue to lead our industry as we apply our growing innovation to the only constant behavior our customers display – change.