FAS2240: Born to Run

By Philip Trautman, FAS Platform Marketing, NetApp


Since it’s release back in late 2011, the FAS2240 has proven itself in all kinds of environments. Smaller shops value this storage system for its easy setup, ease of use, flexibility, and consistent, flash-accelerated storage performance for both SAN and NAS workloads.


Larger enterprises appreciate the FAS2240 for the same reasons. And, full feature compatibility with its larger FAS cousins makes the FAS2240 an easy choice for smaller storage requirements.


A Perfect Fit for Growing Businesses

Frazier & Deeter, a fast-growing Atlanta-based CPA firm with 250 employees, turned to the FAS2240 to power a Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment, when their previous infrastructure was unable to cut it.


“We knew we had the right virtualization solutions in place,” explains Adam Moleski, executive director of IT at Frazier & Deeter. “Citrix XenApp was the perfect fit for our tax department, and Citrix XenDesktop met our audit professionals’ more extensive needs. But our storage infrastructure was holding us back.”


The hybrid storage design of the FAS2240 eliminates performance bottlenecks. As a result, average latency for VDI workloads dropped from 150 milliseconds to 2.5 milliseconds, a 98% reduction. That’s a “night-and-day difference” in performance that translates directly to improved employee productivity and increases in billable hours.

Citrix desktop virtualization is not the only workload on the FAS2240. Virtualized applications such as Exchange Server and SQL Server see similar improvements in performance. Less-critical data such as home directories, archived client data, and file shares, are also stored on the same FAS2240, using high-capacity drives to reduce storage costs.


And that’s still not the end of the story. Frazier & Deeter gets additional advantages from the rich ecosystem of the FAS storage family, including capabilities not found in most entry storage:

  • Deduplication reduces capacity needs up to 90%
  • Snapshot-based backup and restore lets end-users recover their own files and also cuts tape costs
  • Efficient replication provides disaster recovery


Read the full story for details.


A Perfect Fit for Enterprise Too

Larger organizations also find that the FAS2240 is and ideal solution, often choosing it for remote offices, branch locations, DR sites, or any place there’s a smaller storage requirement. The FAS2240 is an easy choice because it runs all the same software and interoperates seamlessly with larger FAS systems; you can easily backup outlying FAS2240s to a centralized data center or replicate critical data in either direction.


Flexible Entry Storage That Grows with Your Business

If a FAS2240 system reaches its capacity or performance limits, a fast, data-in-place, upgrade can be performed simply by replacing existing controllers with more capable ones – without the painful data migrations or long downtimes that occur when upgrading other entry storage. It’s one of the many things that storage administrators appreciate about FAS hardware.


With its flexible design, proven performance, raw capacity up to almost 600TB, and ability to scale both up and out, the FAS2240 is a leader in the entry space. As NetApp continues to innovate across it’s entire product line, you can expect even bigger things to come from entry storage.


NetApp recently validated the FAS2240 as part of a Citrix partnering initiative to demonstrate a real world desktop virtualization scenario. This initiative is called the Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Program for Storage Partners. The intention is to demonstrate two key aspects of a desktop virtualization storage solution; one, the capability to support the IOPS requirements for daily operations of 750 Citrix Provisioned (PVS) virtual desktops, and, two, a storage solution that does so without breaking the bank. 


To find out more about the FAS2240, visit the FAS2200 Series page. You can also join or start a conversation on the NetApp Storage System Community page or contact NetApp Sales.