Federated Backups in SnapCreator 4.0

Did you ever want to have a consistent backup of your Oracle or MySQL database that is running inside VM and also want to take a VMWARE snaspshot in the same workflow?


SnapCreator 4.0 provides you an option to achieve this.


If you have a setup where,

  VM1 -> Oracle

  VM2 -> MySQL

  VM3 -> Domino


You will be able to quiesce your applications now before taking your VM snapshots.


A new config parameter has been added called FEDERATED_APPLICATIONS.

You can provide list of configs that you want to backup before quiescing the VM itself.



This should be comma seperated list of profile@config


The existing default backup workflow has been updated to use this parameter, so before the main config is quiesced, all the configs present under FEDERATED_APPLICATIONS are quiesced in a parallel way and unquiescing is done in the reverse order.


Hypervisor + App Backup config is created as below.

If you choose Yes below, at the end of the creating Hypervisor config you will be thrown with a screen to create App Backup.


You may also click the Hypervisor+App backup to add your profile/config that you may already have.