Flash Pool enables Hybrid Storage value for entry systems

We have been talking quite a bit lately about our comprehensive Flash portfolio and how it is enabling business breakthroughs across a wide spectrum of application workloads.


Key to this discussion is that one size and deployment type of flash technology does not fit all customer requirements. In fact, flash acceleration has become a fundamental building block for our storage platforms including our FAS (Clustered Data ONTAP), E-Series (Santricity) and EF-Series (Santricity powered all flash arrays) systems. We are aware of a common perception, however, that the value of flash is reserved for high end configurations with the most extreme performance requirements. The fact is that we are seeing broad customer adoption of flash across all NetApp systems and that includes our entry level FAS2200 series. And that’s great news for mid-sized businesses, remote offices and distributed enterprises which are looking for ways to drive greater value in their storage infrastructure.



With Flash Pool, the FAS2200 series incorporates the value of the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier and delivers hybrid storage at an entry level price point. This is well illustrated by the recent ESG Labs evaluation of NetApp’s FAS2200 series with Flash Pool.  In this lab evaluation, the FAS2240 with Flash Pool was tested in three business application workload environments: Exchange 2010, OLTP Database and File Services. And the results were totally in sync with the overall value proposition which flash provides across the full range of our storage systems: Superior application performance, proven storage efficiency and out-of-the-box ease of implementation.


For the specific results, the lab report speaks for itself but the bottom line is clear: Flash and hybrid storage isn’t just for the high-end anymore. The value of flash enables you to move your business (regardless of size) ahead faster while significantly reducing your overall cost of ownership.