FlexPod Continues Market Momentum

By Michael Harding, Product Marketing Manager, FlexPod

NetApp and Cisco have seen significant market growth by delivering innovation through FlexPod and support for additional technologies on the upcoming roadmap. We are excited to announce today that FlexPod sales have reached $3 billion in joint revenue. In addition, our customer and partner base continues to grow and expand globally.


While we are excited about the continued growth around FlexPod, we are also announcing designs built on Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) that will move these data centers into the realm software-defined automation and efficiency. Other key technologies such as Cisco UCS Director will also be a part in the management of these solution stacks.


A part of the FlexPod story that is especially valuable to our customers is that it’s a platform that supports workloads from across the breadth of our alliances – SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and Citrix. It’s a single platform that can support the performance requirements of enterprise applications while still delivering the efficiencies of one standardized environment. This is a key cost-saver for our customers: with one standardized infrastructure they can serve just about all their compute needs. It’s a huge source of efficiency for IT teams under pressure to reduce cost and be more responsive with the same sets of hands.  


The ecosystem that NetApp and Cisco are empowering together is impressive. Whether it’s with FlexPod as a platform, specific technologies like clustered Data ONTAP, ACI, or InterCloud, together we are enabling resellers to move ahead of the competition with solutions that solve real customer problems. 


Our continued momentum is the result of our best of breed offerings with Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus and NetApp storage. It’s the result of great innovation and a significant R&D commitment.  And the reference architecture approach enables flexibility and an optimal solution. It has meant that customers can deploy what they want and still get the converged benefits of reduced time-to-solution and total cost.


We are excited about this continued momentum around the Cisco/NetApp partnership and look forward to what the future holds.