FlexPod Expands Software Defined Solutions with Cisco ACI

FlexPod continues to roll out innovative new designs, moving customers from cutting costs to the cutting edge.  This fall we have such a full line-up of new designs, we’re jumping the gun to talk just about one group of very important new designs for the solution family.


APIC.pngFlexPod is coming out with new designs for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).  Last summer we published the industry’s first design for an ACI-ready integrated infrastructure – adding the Cisco Nexus 9000 as a top of rack switch for the FlexPod.  We updated it for the latest version of VMware vSphere, and are now following it up with the world’s first ACI-enabled integrated infrastructure design, documenting how to use the ACI software for the “APIC” or Application Policy Infrastructure Controller which is what actually delivers the software-defined ACI fabric. 


Adding ACI to the FlexPod platform is an innovation we will build upon. The first workload validated for this platform will be Microsoft Sharepoint, with others to follow.  More news to come.


We expect the combination of FlexPod with ACI to become highly valuable for enterprise data centers. ACI brings enhanced automation and management through a Software Defined Datacenter approach. Customers have come to love the policy-based management of Cisco UCS servers.  With Cisco ACI, it extends the concept to Application profiles, and pushes these into the network, and across the data center, amplifying their IT administration time-saving benefits.


For more info on what Cisco has to say about ACI and FlexPod, click here.