FlexPod Leads Market through Innovation with Latest ACI and FAS8000 Validated Designs

FlexPod continues to lead the market through innovation, and today announces the latest FlexPod validated designs that allow customers to realize new IT capabilities.


FlexPod Innovation

FlexPod gained its dominance in the integrated infrastructure space through a winning combination of Flexibility and Efficiency. And though we still stand out in our ability to save IT money, this latest batch of validated designs are enabling customers to do entirely new things.  In other words, FlexPod is evolving from being all about cutting cost, to cutting edge.   We are featuring industry-first validated designs on FlexPod that let customers achieve new capabilities – important enablers as we deliver value not only to the IT team but also the line of business.  FlexPod can now enable a Software Defined Data Center with Nexus 9000 and an Application Centric Infrastructure fabric.  A new design with NetApp FAS8000 Unified Scale-out storage provides a flash-accelerated, cluster-enabled solution for new levels of performance, and capacity up to 60PBs.  And for end-to-end, Data-to-Application level security for multi-tenant environments, FlexPod now has a validation with Cisco Secure Enclaves.


Our solution with Application Centric Infrastructure is an important one for organizations aspiring to have a next-generation data center.  A software defined infrastructure will allow IT to move to the next level of optimization and efficiency. Taking automated virtualization from the server level, to the network and storage, will align those resources with application delivery and business policies.


What’s New with FlexPod

There are 6 new Validated Designs publishing in Spring/Summer 2014:

  • FlexPod® Datacenter with Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 on VMware vSphere® 5.1 – Industry leading Citrix VDI solution on VMware’s leading server virtualization platform
  • FlexPod Datacenter with Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track v4 – Award-winning Microsoft Private Cloud solution, now supporting Windows Server 2012 R2 and clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1, also Microsoft Fast Track v4 certified
  • FlexPod Datacenter with Cisco® Secure Enclaves – Secure multi-tenancy (SMT) for business-critical FlexPod® environments
  • FlexPod Datacenter with Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 on XenServer 6.2 – Leading VDI solution paired with a cost-effective open source hypervisor
  • FlexPod Datacenter with VMware vSphere® 5.5 and NetApp® FAS8000 series storage – Industry-first converged infrastructure solution with the FAS8000 unified scale-out storage system
  • FlexPod Datacenter with VMware vSphere 5.1U1 and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure – Built on the Nexus 9000 series switch, Application Centric Infrastructure enables software-defined management of data center hardware resources by intelligent software systems

There are two key areas of Program enhancements this period:

  • FlexPod tools –a new version of the NetApp Config Advisor, version 4.0, is expected in August, with over 100 automated checks for FlexPod, helping ensure the performance and availability of the environment.   Also new is the FlexPod IMT Filter, which speeds the lookup of what’s supported with FlexPod. 
  • FlexPod Powered showcase – An ecosystem of technology vendors are creating solutions for FlexPod every day, around the world.  For this announcement we are highlighting a few partners who are delivering solutions and frameworks that complement and extend the value of the FlexPod platform. Note these solutions are delivered and supported by the outside vendor:

FlexPod #1 Momentum

The demand for Converged Infrastructure is soaring – according to IDC it will grow over 43% annually to total $11 billion in 2017, greatly outpacing general purpose IT.  Within this strong category demand, we are seeing even stronger demand for the FlexPod offering.  As written in an IDC report, “FlexPod and FlexPod Express products clearly ranked first in a field of 17 suppliers.”


Other key metrics that show this FlexPod momentum include 4,000 customers growing at almost 100% annually, 1,000 global resellers, 100 Premium resellers, over 100 customer references, over 80 published success stories, and 70 validated design publications. Citrix, one of our tier one alliance partners, is using FlexPod as one of their key sales plays this year.  We even had a partner recently create an ad about the product staring Charles Barkley (… or was it Borkley?)  Who else can say that?


Take advantage of FlexPod Innovation

Make your next data center refresh on FlexPod to stretch you budget, speed your deployment, and realize new IT capabilities.  The FlexPod webpage has product information, whitepapers and customer testimonials to support your research.  And join the FlexPod conversation with your peers at ConvergedCommunity.com.