FlexPod – Mail Bag – Winter 2015

We recently had a webcast about our Winter Announcement and a number of great questions were asked by attendees and answered by the product experts on the call. Here is some of that Q&A in case you have been wondering about similar things…


Q: Regarding the new validated design using the UCS Mini, is there support for SAN?­

A: Yes, the new FlexPod Express and FlexPod Datacenter with Cisco UCS Mini both support FCP, FCoE and iSCSI SANs, along with NFS and CIFS/SMB­ NAS protocols.


Q: About the new FlexPod Pre-integrated solution, can it be ordered directly through NetApp?­

A: No, this program doesn’t change our fundamental business model with FlexPod – it is still a meet-in-the-channel solution. The new ­Pre-integrated FlexPod is available through our distribution partner, Avnet, currently shipping in North America and EMEA.


Q: On average, what lead time will Avnet need to ship a completely pre-integrated FlexPod?­

A: ­According to Avnet, they average 25 days from PO to shipment.


Q: Regarding the new FlexPod Certification program, ­is it available in the UK and EMEA?­

A: ­Yes, the new FlexPod individual certifications are available globally. The training and testing is currently available through our authorized partner, Fast Lane, which has a global presence. When you click into the training listings you'll see courses available onsite in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle east, Asia, and Africa. Or, you have the choice of taking the training Online from anywhere. For more info: www.fastlaneus.com/flexpod


Q: Where can we find these latest CVDs?

A: FlexPod partners can always find FlexPod Validated design documents and all types of FlexPod collateral and sales tools at FlexPodPartners.com, and the master listing of all validated design documents (CVDs, NVAs, TRs and related) going back to 2010 is in this document. If you don't have access, the latest Design publications are also available on the web at http://www.netapp.com/us/solutions/flexpod/datacenter/validated-designs.aspx. Or for just CVDs (i.e. Cisco Validated Designs) you can look at: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/enterprise/data-center-designs-cloud-computing/landing_flexpod.html­


Q: ­A large number of new success stories were mentioned on the webcast. Are all these case studies running on Cisco UCS?­

A: ­Yes­. By definition a FlexPod deal includes Cisco UCS. We are now up to about 117 published FlexPod success stories to date, which are available to partners through FlexPodPartners.com and listed specifically in this master listing document. Recent NetApp published wins are available through the Customer Showcase at this link by searching for the keyword ‘flexpod’.


Q: ­Thanks very much­ for a great call. Where can I get the slides and more details on these new designs for Cisco UCS Mini and Microsoft Private Cloud?

A: General info including the solution briefs, customer wins and a new TCO whitepaper are being updated on the public webpage: www.NetApp.com/FlexPod. FlexPod partners can get the actual powerpoints and a link to the webcast recording at FlexPodPartners.com.