FlexPod Making Friends With Benefits

As thousands of companies have learned (over 2,000 at last count) FlexPod is the top tier Converged Infrastructure solution that analysts like IDC have validated to be helping companies and their IT organizations reduce capital expenditure, streamline operational expenditure, and rapidly deploy IT services.

Recent developments with FlexPod include more new customers who are seeing real benefits from the solution.  It’s one thing to have academic analysis about potential gains, and another to hear directly from customers about how a solution really benefited their IT effort and their business.  Here are the three most recent ones - note the links to the source articles and write-ups containing customer quotes and implementation details:

Sauber F1 – This racing team logs 20 annual races in 19 countries and needed an efficient, reliable platform for their racing analytics.  Their F1 car has 100 sensors gathering real-time data that’s analyzed, and lets team members direct the driver to maximize performance where races are won or lost by a millisecond.  Sauber uses the FlexPod as their infrastructure.  The system joins the team on their world-wide circuit, including 100% humidity environments like Malaysia.  And despite the stress, has delivered zero downtime, and reduced footprint and power consumption by 50%.

Katz, Sapper and Miller – The public accounting firm had an aging IT infrastructure that continued to expand its footprint and power use, yet under-delivered on recovery and manageability.  With just two IT staffers they needed a simple yet effective system.  They chose FlexPod.  The pre-architected best-of-breed solution was relatively simple to install and manage, and they got the reduced risk of top tier components from VMware, Cisco and NetApp.  They’ve maintained non-disruptive operations with the new system.  Performance has increased, and for data recovery, RTO and RPO have improved 90%.

Torti Gallas – This architecture firm was seeing periodic IT outages, server sprawl and IT management challenges from their infrastructure.  They were guided to a new solution that provided the reliability and cost-efficiency that met their needs: FlexPod.  They used this virtualized platform to drastically consolidate equipment – reducing physical servers by 80% and gaining the related power and cooling cost savings. They’re also preventing costly downtime with improved data protection.

A key driver to these customer successes is the underlying partnership of the FlexPod solution, namely NetApp and Cisco.  These BFFs have since expanded their shared commitment to this business, with an announcement outlining the growing relationship, and setting the stage for more collaboration and innovation to come.

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