FlexPod: The Gateway to Your Private Cloud

By Pamela Kerman, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Virtualization and Cloud

What is your 2013 new year’s resolution? My resolution is to look for ways to become more efficient, so that I can spend more time on personal goals.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us want to become more efficient in everything we do.  When it comes to business, don’t you want your data center to be as flexible and efficient as possible?  When you create better efficiencies, then you can spend less time managing the day-to-day operations, and more time focusing on innovation.

ESG recently published a whitepaper titled “FlexPod: The Gateway to Your Private Cloud.”  The whitepaper outlines the following key points:

  • Two closely linked factors drive IT purchasing decisions: economics and efficiency. Customers are ultimately looking for a way to create better integration between components in their data center, streamline processes and drive down costs.  Technology has progressed over time to meet these customer challenges, initially through server virtualization, then through storage and desktop infrastructure virtualization. Today, customers are rapidly adopting converged infrastructure platforms to address their IT and business needs.  
  • NetApp, in conjunction with Cisco, developed FlexPod, a converged infrastructure platform to help customers create a more agile data infrastructure that grows with changing business requirements. The FlexPod platform combines NetApp FAS storage, OnCommand, OnTAP components with the Cisco UCS servers, UCS server management and Nexus network management components to create coordinated pool-based and policy-driven resources. These coordinated components have open APIs for easy integration with a broad range of software management tools.
  • Customers can select from a combination of packaged products and custom software packages. There are three main methods of development: 1)Custom: enables businesses to design software that best fits their needs. Typically requires professional services engagemen 2) Semi-custom: management combines turnkey and custom solutions. 3)Turnkey: organizations seeking to rapidly build a private cloud.  NetApp and Cisco have validated management partners -  Cloupia, CA Technologies and Gale that have gone through a thorough validation process.  Their solutions have  been pretested,  validated, and integrated for quick and safe deployment on the FlexPod platform.
  • ESG interviewed an international travel insurance company that deployed a FlexPod platform in conjunction with a software management solution to create their own gateway to a private cloud. As a result of the deployment, the company realized a reduction in downtime and significantly improved their IT efficiencies. A spokesperson for the company anticipates a 100% ROI in just a few months based on the implementation.The case study is a great example of how FlexPod with its unique integrated computing platform meets market demands and solves IT's top reported priorities.

Read more about this case study and other details on creating a more efficient cloud infrastructure in the ESG whitepaper “FlexPod: The Gateway to Your Private Cloud.”  



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