FlexPod for the Cloud

The celebration is still resonating from the historic Red Sox World Series win, so I can understand if it’s tough to focus on another world-class win, but here it is anyway:  FlexPod is announcing enhanced Cloud capabilities and other significant program enhancements for the Fall.

FlexPod, the #1 Worldwide Integrated Infrastructure as ranked by IDC, has rolled out new designs for large multi-tenant Clouds, enterprise Business Continuity, and is enhancing the ways to automate converged infrastructure management using OpenStack and Cisco UCS Director.  And for the first time since program inception, FlexPod has added a new partner to its Cooperative Support program: Citrix.

With FlexPod, customers see faster time to solution and lower total cost of IT.  Here is the drill-down on the Fall release:

Two New Validated Designs

  • FlexPod Datacenter with Cisco Virtualized Multiservice Data Center 2.3 is an update to a Cisco network architecture that enables Cloud management for Service Provider and Enterprise data centers. The validated design guide includes how to deploy a FlexPod for this environment, and a follow-on Implementation guide will detail how to use NetApp Workflow Automation for automated management.
  • FlexPod Datacenter with NetApp MetroCluster software provides validated multisite continuous availability for FlexPod.  With most customers using FlexPod as a shared IT platform for business critical applications, this MetroCluster software validation provides important protection against unplanned downtime, providing disaster recovery to keep key applications running and ensure zero data loss. 

New Program Enhancements

  • Citrix joins FlexPod Cooperative Support – FlexPod has been known for streamlined troubleshooting thanks to the tight collaboration of the core solution partners, NetApp, Cisco and VMware.  This group has been expanded to include Citrix.  This means that a Citrix customer calling with a FlexPod problem can expect their problem will be resolved regardless of where the cause lies within the solution stack, and without vendor finger-pointing.
  • Technical Report on OpenStack – FlexPod expands the choice of cloud orchestration options with a new technical report, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform (RHEL-OSP) on FlexPod.  Red Hat OpenStack is becoming a top platform choice for public and private clouds.  This paper will cover the use of OpenStack as a means to automate the management of FlexPod, and reflects the growing investment in this approach by NetApp and Cisco.
  • Upcoming UCS Director release – Another advancement to automated FlexPod management includes the upcoming release of Cisco UCS Director (formerly Cloupia) version 4.1.  This release includes specific enhancements for Data ONTAP, adding more reasons to consider UCS Director as a means to orchestrate a FlexPod system.

Build a Cloud on FlexPod Today

With the new validated designs, program enhancements and the #1 worldwide ranking, FlexPod is bigger and better than ever, and ready to support even the most challenging Cloud deployments.  And with all this world-class news I almost forgot to mention that FlexPod is turning 3.  With these improvements and a growing track record of success, you can confidently build your cloud on FlexPod.

Learn more about FlexPod and what makes it great for Cloud solutions by visiting the just-updated FlexPod web page, NetApp.com/FlexPod.


I'm interested in the Red Hat OpenStack Platform for FlexPod.  However when I follow the link supplied all I get is basic info about RHOP but I don't see any information about how it integrates with the FlexPod, nor do I see any kind of flexPod design, etc. Is there more information somewhere that I can see?

Hi Joerg,

Here is the link : https://communities.netapp.com/docs/DOC-30720

We will be updating the link on this page shortly

Michael Harding . This is nice article about flex pod for cloud